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Late last year I attended David Wolfe’s (You’ve probably seen him on facebook here) Longevity Now event in Anaheim, California. The event was great. The speaker list included David Wolfe (obviously, it’s his event), Dr. Mercola, Erin Elizabeth, Wim Hof and many other amazing people. The event was educational, exciting, fun and lively. I took a lot of notes and got some new health and longevity ideas from the event. It’s worth attending!

One of the surprise guests who showed up was Kyle Cease. He’s a comedian! Laughing is good for health and immunity. He showed up and rocked the house. He had everyone laughing for a good 20 minutes or so. His life and story have always intrigued me. I found him on facebook years ago through a mutual friend and began following his work. He’s evolved into what he calls a ‘transformational comedian’ which I love the idea of.  He has made it his life’s mission and purpose to use comedy and consciousness together. He pairs the two quite well and will have you thinking deeper about your meaning, your purpose, your thoughts and your life.

I’ve gotten some wisdom just by watching his videos and recommend that you check him out. He has a facebook fan page you can follow to see his videos here.  I woke up quite early this morning for a reason i’m not quite sure. I opened my tablet and stumbled upon one of Kyle’s videos. The topic is around “Taking a shift” and he relates your personal transformation in life to taking a crap. It’s quite creative, funny and mindfully crafted! Just make sure you’re not eating or drinking while watching this video. The message may interfere with bodily fluids!

Hit play here:

Pretty good huh? Funny, thought-provoking, mindful-provoking and more!

I like his charisma and ability to deliver a message in a unique way. This video highlights the importance of meditation and observing your thoughts, the space between them and looking at them from a place of non-judgement and non-attachment. Although this video is funny he makes a lot of really great points.

Being mindful, spending time to meditate, observing you thoughts without judgement and treating your emotions like a crap (something you can let go of and fully release) is quite brilliant. Interesting correlation, isn’t it?

Just remember, you’re the butt, not the poop. You’re the space that let’s things go. You might “emotionally crap all over the place” as Kyle puts it, but that’s healthy! especially if you haven’t done it in a long time. Try letting your emotions flow through you a little better and allow that sense of freedom flow through you a bit more. I think you’ll find it valuable for your mind, body, and spirit.

Be sure to follow Kyle Cease on facebook for more inspirational and humorous content.