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As a health researcher, advocate and constant consumer of health content I come across facts that astonish me and stop me in my tracks. The other day I was watching The Truth About Cancer series, which is free to watch for only a few more days! I highly recommend clicking here to check it out and watch it. I found out that there are two factors that highly influence your risk of developing cancer.

Here’s a video explaining these two factors and what to do about them:

As the video explains the two contributing factors to developing cancer and increasing your risk are:

1. Obesity
2. Infections

Let’s dive into these a bit deeper to understand why. Obesity according to the National Cancer Institute has a connection to cancer. An estimated 84,000 annual cancer cases are linked to obesity.

A recent study with 80,000 breast cancer patients gives us even more data. They found that pre-menopausal women with a body mass index (BMI) over 30 had a 21.5 percent chance of death whereas women with average BMI had a 16.6 percent chance of dying from the disease.

These are just a few of the facts. If you take into account the other health effects obesity has on health then you could potentially show that obesity (and it’s effects) have an even stronger link to developing or proliferating cancer.

Beyond that infections play a role also. Infections such as parasites, candida, yeast or fungal infections grow out of control when the immune system cannot contain them. If your immune system is using it’s white blood cells to fight infections while trying to attack cancer cells simultaneously your immunity and healthy cells are only half as effective.

If your immunity is weakened in the first place from trying to fight any type of infection be it fungal, yeast, bacterial, viral or anything else your ability to fight the profliferation of cancer cells will be severely effected. Think of one person fighting one person or one person fighting two people at the same exact time. I don’t care who you are, the person in a one on one fight has a better shot than the person fighting two people at once. Your immune cells work the same way.

In the truth about cancer documentary series (which I highly recommend watching, click here to watch free) you’ll learn that a lot of foods, chemicals and products we use in our daily life can be carcinogenic. By reducing the carcinogenic load on the body and reducing foods that feed cancer we can prevent it all together, or use these same methods to treat cancer.

In one episode I learned that infection alone can increase cancer risk by a shocking 18%! furthermore obesity can increase cancer risk by 23%! by putting both of these risk factors together you end up with a 41% higher risk for developing cancer.

Often times it can start with obesity which will lead to a weakened immune system, because remember 80% of the immune system is in the gut. When the immune system is weakend it can lead to infection of any kind such as yeast, fungal, bacterial, viral which will then increase your cancer risk from 23% to 41%.

So what can you do? stay thin by eating plenty of whole organic fruits and vegetables. Exercise by simply going for walks or doing high intensity interval training every once in a while. Get strong anti-infection herbs and spices in your diet that will stimulate digestion as well as fight any immune weakening infection simultaneously. By doing these things you can reduce obesity and boost immunity as well as have active plant compounds in your body that fight infection on your behalf. Continue on this path and by reducing obesity and boosting immunity you can decrease your cancer risk by a whopping 41%!

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Image: wikimedia, wikipedia