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In this first episode of the Healthy Wild And Free Podcast I interview Carolyn Collins From the Wild Gardening Community. She has a degree in Horticulture from the University of Illinios and wrote the book Beginners Guide To Organic Gardening which has a lot of insight if you are getting started, I highly recommend it.

Please know that my audio quality in the first podcast isn’t all that great but it’s worth listening too because of the advice that Carolyn shares.  In the second podcast my audio is much better and clearer so if you want to just skip to that one and listen in I completely understand! Either way I hope that you enjoy both interviews, learn from them and grow something today!

Here’s the Second Follow up interview for more advanced gardening practices:

Carolyn Recommends that you use Heirloom seeds, she got hers from, she also recommends that you know which zone you are in and grow plants that grow in your geographical zone, wherever you live. Soil health is very important so make sure to buy organic soil and organic compost from your local gardening nursery. The health of the soil determines the health of your plants and food so it’s an important step! Also make sure that before you plant a garden in an area make sure that this area get’s at least 6 hours of sunlight each day. You want to make sure that your plants get enough sun to grow and thrive.


Carolyn wrote the book Beginner’s Guide To Organic Gardening, A simple guide to starting and growing a home garden naturally. I highly recommend you pick up the book, it’s only 3 bucks! It will help you in getting started and support her work which will allow her to create more books, videos and helpful tips to share with us.

She also has the Wild Gardening community on facebook which is a gardening community that shares inspirational images to inspire you to grow green, grow a garden and plant something today! You will enjoy all of the images that she shares and be inspired to live a healthier and greener life just from what she shares so like the page and make sure to support her work!

If you have any questions about organic gardening, or any of the things we discussed in either of the podcasts above then feel free to head over to her facebook page and ask her any questions that you might have!

Thank you for listening and tuning in, please like, leave your comments below and share this with your friends online! It helps me stay inspired to find more interviews that will help you in your health and life!

Have an amazing rest of the day… Grow Something!

~ Pura Vida ~

– David Benjamin

P.S. If you want to see where I got my heirlooms seed bank from you can check them out at Solutions From Science!