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As a human being (there’s a good chance you are if you’re reading this) your body is compromised of quite a bit of blood, approximately 7% of your body weight is blood. If you weight 150 pounds then you carry around about 10.5 pounds of blood with you each day. This blood is vital to health, longevity, preventing disease and reversing aging symptoms that cause pain and difficulty.

If your blood is healthy it will do what it was intended to do, which is to transport oxygen to the entire body, transport nutrients, hormones, and remove waste and toxicity including expelling carbon dioxide (the toxic gas by-product from breathing) out through the lungs. If it weren’t for your blood the body would literally die in it’s own pool of carbon dioxide waste.

The blood is your life force, vitality, chi, prana, many cultures refer to vitality and flow (which in the physical form can be seen as blood) in many different ways. Think about it for a minute, the flow of everything, water, nutrients, oxygen and the removal of anything dangerous is the job of the blood. If the blood isn’t being fed and supported nutritionally, built in a way to be effective then it suffers and the functions in the body it is meant to complete suffer as well. Long story short, the healthier and more complete your blood the healthier you will be and the better you will feel.

Not only that but belly fat, disease, aches and pains, headaches, cramps, and any other discomfort or condition in the body is somehow tied to the blood. The blood carries EVERYTHING. It needs to be healthy in order for your body to function optimally and be in peak condition. If you want your body, health and blood to be healthy then pay attention to what 3rd world countries do.

In 3rd world countries when someone has been injured and has lost a lot of blood they give them an IV of coconut water. This IV injects coconut water directly into their bloodstream for one main purpose, to recreate new blood as quickly as possible so that they do not lose their life from blood loss. Not only that but during World War 2 when saline water was on short supply coconut water was used in IV’s to save soldiers lives as well.

Coconut water is nature’s most intelligent form of natural plant-based blood. Coconut water is the closest mimicking thing in nature to red blood cells, the main blood cells in blood plasma. Blood plasma is the main portion of blood, it makes up about 55% of the total blood volume in the body. It’s ratio of potassium and sodium closely mimic the fluid inside red blood cells which make up for about 45% of blood cells for men and 40% of blood cells for women. This means that by drinking coconut water (or getting a coconut water IV) helps to restore healthy red blood cells quickly and efficiently.

Coconut water contains minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and even fats. Coconut water also contains something known as cytokinins which are plant growth hormones that regulate the growth and development of a plant. The interesting thing about cytokinins is that they have anti-aging effects on both human cells and human tissue.

Not only that but coconut water is a fast and effective way to deliver oxygen, hydration and nutrients to the cells. It’s one of the best mediums to do so because it engages in the formation of the new blood directly.

Coconut water also helps to balance pH, reduce and begin to breakdown excess calcium in the body that may be causing kidney stones, stiffness, arthritis etc. It increases rate of metabolism, keeps the body cool on a warm day, revitalizes and keeps the reproductive system healthy. It improves circulation, and helps to fight intestinal parasites.

Coconut water is a blood purifying and building agent, but also keeps the gut and urinary tract healthy as well.

Here’s Why You Should Add Lime To Your Coconut Water

Lime is great because it’s cleansing and purifying agent to the body but it’s also great for another reason. It contains folate, also known as vitamin B9. B9 is responsible for delivering oxygen to the cells (just like coconut water) and it’s important for delivering oxygen to the cells as well as in the production process of healthy red blood cells.

In fact, people with anemia have a low red blood cell count can often be deficient in folate (vitamin B9) and this can be one of the causes as to why the red blood cell count is low.

Squeezing fresh organic lime into your coconut water infuses your already healthy red blood cell drink with folate, which makes it even easier for your body to support and develop healthy red blood cells which deliver oxygen and nutrients to the entire body as well as help to maintain healthy detoxification pathways including the removal of carbon dioxide.

The best form of coconut water is fresh from the coconut, if you can get coconut water locally where you live drink it from the coconut! This coconut water is unpasteurized so the heating process has not tampered with the nutritional value you receive. If you cannot get it locally then drink it on vacation when you’re in a warm tropical place! I just got back from spending some time in Costa Rica and I drank coconut water almost every single day that I was there, one or two, sometimes three coconuts full of coconut water each day, and i’d also eat the meat.

If this doesn’t work for you, there are coconut water brands that sell organic coconut water in health food stores, even costco and on amazon that you can search here.