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The other day I was browsing the web for documentaries as I sometimes do and came across an a very interesting documentary about diet, fasting and overall health and longevity. I’m always reading, watching or listening to some type of information about health, wellness, longevity and curious about these topics so I decided to watch this documentary.

There were some interesting things that I learned from this documentary, Eat, Fast and Live Longer. I learned that:

* Life Expectancy was raised during the great depression. Could you guess why?
* Less Protein & Calorie consumption is healthier for you and your longevity.
* Water fasting is amazing for health and wellbeing.
* How IGF1 (insulin growth-like factor) increases our risk for disease and premature death.

It’s a great documentary and worth the watch. It’s embedded below so you can take a break, grab a cup of tea and watch away.

Please like, comment and share this documentary if you found it interesting and learned something from it.

David Benjamin