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Juicing and Smoothies have become a massively popular way to improve your health and grab a bottle or jar of nutrition on the go in the past few years. One of the big debates that i’m going to dissect (with hopeful great perspective) is the big debate over which is healthier and more beneficial… smoothies or fresh squeezed juice. Obviously both smoothies and and juices are healthier than a big mac from MC’crap as long as you aren’t adding aspartame and artificial sweeteners to your smoothies and juices… Then we might be getting into some grey space! but for the sake of this discussion i’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of smoothie and juicing.

Hopefully by the end of this article and video you will be a smoothie and juicing alchemist whipping up concoctions faster than santa clause can snap his fingers to get his reindeer to fly, or something like that.

For the sake of a fair comparison to really dissect the value of each smoothies and juicing let’s use an example to really compare smoothies and juicing. Let’s say for example that we are working with Organic Kale, Organic Carrots and Organic Apples.

So we are juicing organic kale, carrots and one apple and we are blending that same amount.  My recommendation is to never juice more than one fruit along with your vegetable juice because you will most likely be spiking your blood sugar levels too high, and then they will have to come back down and that isn’t healthy for your body and can begin to negatively impact your pancreas.

So what are the major differences between the two end products, the juiced kale, carrots and apple and the smoothie that contains the same amount of kale, carrots and apple?

The major differences are this:

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We have the main differences being that with smoothies you receive the fiber and with the juice you don’t receive the fiber and have some nutrient loss within the fiber/pulp that is thrown away from the juicing process.

My thoughts are that overall if we are just talking health benefits overall that smoothies are more beneficial because you benefit from the fiber and additional nutrients.  With that being said though I do believe there is something very powerful when it comes to health when you cycle and rotate.  For example, cycling foods, cycling herbs, cycling sources of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, antioxidants etc. When you cycle the sources of these compounds your body almost seems to rediscover them and use them in a more powerful way, almost like it’s the first time it has discovered this beneficial compound.

With that being said my recommendation is to cycle.  Do smoothies for a while to work your metabolism and then give your body fiber, then juice for a while and use it to give nutrition and beneficial compounds directly to your cells in liquid form.  Work your metabolism and digestive system more with smoothies, then give it a break with juicing. Cycling like this I believe is more valuable than going on a juice fast, or a smoothie fast because you get the best of both worlds.

Personally, I love smoothies and juicing both! I make smoothies and juice all the time and it seems to work really well for me! And my theory (yes, it’s a theory! but mostly true I believe) that cycling from working your metabolism and digestive system then turning it off, then back on seems to be beneficial.  It’s an interesting topic and I would love to hear your comments on smoothies vs. juicing below.

You can also see my video on it here:

What do you think is more beneficial? smoothies or juicing? and which do you like more?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback… Get scientific with it if you want too! I’d love to geek out and learn more about juicing and/or smoothies.

– David Benjamin

P.S. Some people think that the digestive system works better with juicing, whereas some people think that the digestive system weakens when isn’t used within juicing because it really doesn’t have to work when it receives direct nutrition in liquid form.  I think sides have a point, but not sure on which I believe to be more truth, what do you think?