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Do you know what causes bad breath? Do you have bad breath? Bad breath is caused by a backed up and toxic colon. If your colon isn’t doing it’s job properly then the waste and toxins become stagnant and that will cause bad breath. If you want to know more about what causes bad breath and how to detoxify your body in order to keep your breath healthy and neutral then watch this video:

I recommend getting probiotics such as sauerkraut, kimchi, non-dairy kefir or kombucha tea in your diet, at least one probiotic food or drink each day for a bit until you see results. I also recommend drinking more spring or purified water, this will help to begin to detoxify the Colon so that waste can be removed.

Lastly I recommend Fiberzon mint, which is a blend of herbs, plants, barks and earth foods that specifically help to detoxify the Colon. It also has papaya which is great for cleansing and healing the Colon as well as peppermint so it leaves a fresh aftertaste and breath. You can get fiberzon mint by clicking here at

Hopefully this video gives you some ideas as to how to keep your body healthy to keep your breath fresh!

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Have a great day,

– David Benjamin

P.S. The fiberzon refreshing mint is great for overall Colon and digestive health so if you notice you are using the restroom more often that’s a good thing! Your digestive system, Colon and intestinal tract is just cleaner and flowing better.