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When most people think about GMO’s they think about food, oils such as canola and corn but not only have GMO foods penetrated the market and monsanto gotten their money grubbing hands into the huge space of agriculture but genetically modified crops have gone into the making of other products on the market as well. I think it’s important to know what these products are so that we can do our best to support them in order to not support Monsanto or the genetically modified food industry financially in any way.

The first is cotton, genetically modified cotton and clothing.  If your clothing, or any household items are made of cotton and it’s not organic then it’s probably GMO cotton. Those products, that piece of clothing, those sheets etc are supporting the GMO industry which helps prolong it, which keeps it more permeated in our food supply. My advice is to buy organic cotton, hemp clothing or bamboo clothing. Cotton swabs used for cleaning your ears are probably made out of genetically modified cotton, I will look for different GMO-Free solutions for these so watch for new articles and videos that I post or subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated. I plan on creating some healthy wild and free t-shirts down the road made out of one of those three so keep your eyes peeled!

The second is soy candles, Most soy is genetically modified so why would soy candles be any different? If you are burning soy candles you are breathing in genetically modified soy.  Is this any healthier than eating genetically modified foods? It still gets into your body.  My recommendation is to buy candles made of beeswax. Even if you are a vegan I still believe something that bees already produce is better to be used (and healthier) than something that pollutes the planet which still pollutes the animals, and our drinking water and food supply.


The third is cosmetic, beauty and skincare products.  Do they contain GMO’s? Many skincare, beauty and cosmetic products can contain many ingredients and some may contain soy, corn or by-products of these as fillers or even main ingredients.  Make sure to read the labels of your skincare, cosmetic and beauty products because applying GMO’s to your skin is no different than eating them.  You might be thinking “no, eating is definitely worse” well… let me run this by you…

When you eat GMO’s your digestive system has a chance to deal with them and remove them from the body. Your digestive system and immune system can be used as a defense system against gmo’s, but when you apply genetically modified ingredients to your skin it gets right into your bloodstream.  Your digestive system doesn’t deal with it (yet at least) and wherever you apply it will be affected.  It’s important to use all natural skincare, beauty and cosmetic products and in the future we will be sharing information and companies that we have researched and recommend.

Alcohol could be another thing that is genetically engineered. There could be multiple yeasts, grains and strains of crops that go into the creation of alcohol. Alcohol is also in some cosmetic products as well as hand sanitizer etc.  Also, rubbing alcohol could be genetically modified as well, we really do not know. This one is a tough call but alcohol negatively affects the Liver anyway so why not just avoid it as much as you can if not all together?

The last and final product that could be genetically modified and most likely is that you might think is ‘greener’ and better for the planet is corn based ethanol fuel.  Most corn now is genetically modified so why would the corn ethanol be any different? I believe we need a greener, purer and cleaner future and genetically modified corn ethanol fuel that has been fertilized and sprayed with chemicals leaves the soil dead and leaks into rivers, lakes, streams etc.  This supposed ‘greener’ form of energy production only pollutes our land, water and food supply that we end up eating and drinking.

If we want to make a change we need to stop supporting the GMO crop industry. The GMO crop industry reaches far beyond food that you eat (or hopefully do not eat by this point) so if you are still using any of the above listed products stop using them or remember to buy an organic solution next time you need to replace them.

A good rule of thumb is when in doubt, buy the greener, organic or more ‘nature made’ product.  Less ingredients is usually, almost always better!

Until next time… Pura Vida! (Means: “Pure Life”)

– David Benjamin