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I’m fascinated by rainforests (If you haven’t already noticed) I believe there are so many medicinal plants and cures in the rainforest that it’s a hotbed of value in so many ways. Because rainforests are in a humid, and in a tropical climate. The amount of sunshine, rainfall, and wildlife thrives. Because of the heat and the humidity so many plants are brought to life, but because there is limited space in these rainforest regions, these plants literally fight for survival. They develop strong anti-bacterial/fungal properties to combat any invading viral, bacterial or fungal infections that may try to take the plants out. Some plants in the rainforest also survive literally by eating roots and other plants. It’s such a dynamic and living environment, you can’t help but recognize that the potency and purity of plants that come from the rainforest do a lot. The amazon rainforest is the largest rainforest in the world, it has the most medicinal plants and is also home to the camu camu berry, which is a small orange berry that grows in the amazon floodplains that has 30X more vitamin C than an orange, along with many other health benefits, listen in to learn more:

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I hope that you enjoyed this information and will be benefiting from the camu camu berry in the future!

Thanks for listening,

– David Benjamin