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We all know to be more mindfulness right? Practices like Yoga and Meditation teach us to be more mindful and when we practice yoga or meditation we feel more mindful and feel better, more at peace with ourselves and the world around us because our mind-body is in better harmony with our spirit. We know how to practice mindfulness when it’s attached to other practices (like yoga or meditation) but how can we practice mindfulness in every day life? in busy times? on the road? at work? or at school? wherever you are or may be, the practice of being mindful can improve the quality of your life dramatically.

Being more mindful will allow you to live in more health and wellbeing because you’ll make healthier choices. Being more mindful will allow you to have deeper and more meaningful relationships whether they’re romantic or friendship based. Being mindful is also an economically and environmentally friendly way to live because you begin to become more conscious and aware of purchasing habits and what’s wasteful.

You become a higher quality person with a better flow in life, full of harmonious zen-like day to day being. This 5 second practice that you’ll learn about in the video below, could change your life forever if you engage in it.

I hope you get a lot from this video and 5-second practice, I think that if you use it and engage in it daily it can really do so much for you in your life. Please share this video with someone that you think would benefit from it after the videos is over.

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