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Life can get busy at times and because of the busy hustle and bustle we can get stress and deplete our energy and nutrient levels faster than normal. When we’re tired it’s typically a sign of high stress, not enough sleep or nutritional deficiencies. It could even be a sign of a bad job, relationship or something more emotionally rooted in your life that is draining your energy and causing you to be tired too often. It’s good to get a good nights rest, reduce stress, eat healthy, drink plenty of water and evaluate where you are at in your relationship and career and make sure you’re moving in the direction you’d like.

If any of these (diet, stress, sleep, relationship, work) continue down the wrong path it will only drag you down and rob more energy as time goes on. If you want a life full of vitality it’s important to make sure you are growing and taking time to care for yourself in each area of health and fulfillment in life, mind, body and spirit.

There are times though when life has it’s extra tasks that we need to complete in a shorter time frame and for that we can turn to foods that give us an instant energy boost. These foods were nature formulated to assimilate and give you a quick boost in energy. Some foods give you a quick boost of energy for an hour or two and don’t have long-term energy boosting effects while others help give you  more consistent energy all day long because the nutritional profile works in that way when consumed.

Instead of turning to an energy drink or unhealthy source of junk, sugar, or high fructose corn syrup laced drinks you can simply eat these all natural organic whole foods from nature, then watch your energy levels speed increase within 15 minutes or so as it begins to digest and bring you energy again.

5 Instant Energy Boosting Foods

1. Chia Seeds: I love chia seeds for so many reasons. This small seed when soaked in water will gel up and you can take it with you anywhere in a glass water bottle. The nutrient profile contains fats, proteins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. The fats and proteins work as slow burning sources of energy that help give you energy all day long. Most importantly chia seeds boost HDL (known otherwise as good cholesterol) and this increase also boosts nitric oxide (improved circulation) as well as cardiovascular health making your heart stronger and healthier to do more. Chia seeds also help to oxygenate and hydrate the body which gives your body more access to energy. Many long distance runners and triathletes swear by this food for energy production.

2. Bananas: Bananas are a fast absorbing source of three types of fruit sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose) which will increase your blood sugar levels and give you a fast acting quick boost of energy. It’s also a rich source of minerals beneficial for brain and cardiovascular function as well as B-vitamins which give your body and nervous system strength and energy. Research has shown that 2 bananas give most people enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout.

3. Dates: Dates are a great source of B-vitamins for muscle and nervous system health as well as minerals and fiber to keep the digestive and cardiovascular system healthy. It is very common in the Muslim faith to break a fast with dates to gain energy again quickly and efficiently. They also contain fructose, sucrose and glucose (all 3 sugars) just like bananas. It’s a quick source of assimilated energy and nutrition that tastes great!

4. Nuts: Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and proteins which help boost energy and sustain more long-term energy throughout the day. Walnuts and Almonds both contain beneficial fats, minerals and vitamins that help to boost energy and keep your brain active and on point.

5. Water: Dehydration is one of the main causes of low energy. If you’re dehydrated your body doesn’t have the hydration it needs to carry nutrients to your cells and organs throughout your entire body. Sometimes your energy levels are low simply because you are dehydrated. Water rich foods like watermelon and cucumbers are also great ways to hydrate and consume nutrients that boost energy at the same time.

Everyone is different and some people feel more energy from different foods than others. How deficient you may be in certain nutrients will affect how certain foods will feel as an energy booster for you. Try these foods and see which resonate best with you and continue ingesting those because there’s a good chance you are deficient in some of the nutrients that this food provides, this is why you crave it and it works for you.

Also, leafy greens, other fruits and vegetables are great sources of energy boosting foods. This list above is just some of the top foods that can get you going and jump start your energy levels again in an all natural way.