Every once in a while I come across a truly unique company with amazing and delicious health products, and this is no exception! We’ve all had peanut butter before right? kinda good, kinda satisfying. Then we discovered we could make butters from Cashew, almond and other nuts and the market opened up. Now many health conscious consumers are buying organic almond butter and other organic and raw nut butters. I love nut butters, I love almond butter, peanut butter, cashew butter and sunflower butter!

Peanut butter is the least likely as far as health benefits is concerned because it is the most likely of the nut butters to develop mold. So consume almond, cashew and sunflower butters before peanut butter!


Recently I discovered a company called artisana foods, which is a company that creates all natural organic raw nut butters with different flavors. For example, they have your typical almond butter, coconut oil, pecan butter, walnut butter, cashew butter and straight plain flavors which are great and I have! but they also have amazingly delicious flavors with added superfoods like:

* Cacao Bliss – contains cacao, coconut oil, organic agavae, organic olive oil.

* Blue green algae butter – contains raw organic cashew butter, organic agave, lemon, raw blue-green algae.

* Marine phyto plankton nut butter – Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw phytoplankton, organic lemon oil, raw organic stevia & sea salt.

* Goji & Milk Thistle Nut Butter – Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic agave, raw organic milk thistle, raw organic vanilla powder.

* Berry Antioxidant Nut Butter – Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic goji berry powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic stevia and agave.

* Acai Berry Nut Butter – Raw organic cashew butter, raw organic almond oil, raw organic acai powder, raw organic elderberry powder, raw organic agave, raw organic vanilla powder, raw organic stevia and sea salt.

The great thing about these nut butters is that you are getting a great source of protein from all the nut butters as well as antioxidants, healthy fats, as well as cholesterol balancing compounds within these nut butters. They are a delicious and healthy option for the whole family that the kid’s are sure to love, which is a battle to get the kids to eat healthy in and of itself in some cases.

I love this company and their products, they are pure, natural, raw, organic, vegan and absolutely delicious! You can browse their products and try them out by clicking here: http://bit.ly/artisanafoods

I recommend the cacao bliss as well as the unique nut butters like blue green algae butter, goji & milk thistle butter etc.  They are quite unique and you will love them!

Hopefully you get a chance to try them out, enjoy your day!

– David Benjamin

P.S. The blue green algae butter is my favorite so far, it is sweet and has such a unique and distinct taste that I felt like I was eating candy! yet it’s all natural and organic! Love it 🙂 Browse their products here: http://bit.ly/artisanafoods

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