I’ve been quite active in my health and wellness journey over the years, and that includes keeping active and staying fit. When the winter comes around in Michigan however, it’s a bit harder to stay active as i’m not a fan of the cold and dislike drudging through the cold wind, snow and elements.

Several years back I started “rebounding” and didn’t think much of it. I thought it was too easy and there wasn’t much of a benefit.

Turns out, I was wrong.

It turns out, if you put more time and energy into rebounding, it’s actually quite tiring and a great workout. You can also wear a weighted vest or carry small weights in each arm to improve the load.

The Health Benefits Of Rebounding: 

  1. Improved Cardiovascular Health: Rebounding improves your heart rate and breathing. It oxygenates the body while improving blood flow. It helps the heart to stay conditioned and active.
  2. Improved Lymphatic Health & Drainage: The lymphatic system is comprised of water and oxygen. When jumping on a mini-trampoline the body moves oxygen and water around rapidly. Your breathing pattern kicks up a tempo while your lymphatic system moves water and oxygen around. This flushes the lymphatic ducts and causes unhealthy fluids in the body to sweat out or be removed via excretion in a faster manner.
  3. Improved Bone Density: Jumping on a rebounder is in my opinion the best bone density exercise you can possibly do, along with swimming. Having resistance causes the bones to stay strong and not become brittle. This allows for stronger bone density. Additionally the ligaments, tendons and all connective tissue becomes more flexible and stronger as well as the movement on a mini-trampoline is conducive to balance, flexibility and strength alike.
  4. Improved Brain & Nervous System Health: The body and brain love movement that is in a synchronous left-right manner. Walking, jogging, sprinting, swimming, jumping, cycling. Anything that exercises each hemisphere (right then left, left, then right) portion of the body helps to balance the autonomic nervous system along with the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  5. Strengthens the Legs & Core: Rebounding strengthens the legs and core of the body. I feel the most in my calves and abs. If I use small weights to add more resistance I will feel it in my legs even more so as well as in my back. Jump as long as it takes to feel the burn in your legs, core and lower half. It’s worth the burn!

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Bellicon Rebounder Review

Bellicon Review 

Bellicon is the top rebounder that my family and I have found and used on the market.

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