Watch this video to find out why I use himalayan salt lamps in my home:

Himalayan salt lamps do the following:

* Emit negative ions which help reduce the effects of EMF’s (Electro-magnetic frequencies)
* Emit negative Ions that bond to positive ion particles in the air pulling them to the ground (which purifies the air)
* Are lighter and softer forms of light, so your body adjusts to nighttime better and you sleep better

himalayan-salt-lampsPersonally, I love my salt lamps. I have a pyramid, globe and essential oil burning lamp all from the himalayan salt shop. I recommend getting at least one or two for your bedroom and I think you will notice yourself feeling more relaxed and getting to sleep faster just by changing the lighting.

You can get these lamps by clicking this link:

I hope you enjoy your lamps, you can see a picture of mine to the left if you are looking for different types of unique lamps.

Have a great day!

– David Benjamin

P.S. You can browse all the salt lamps as well as other himalayan salt candle holders and lamps by clicking here.


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