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Every once in a while you have a friend, family member, loved one, mentor or co-worker that you want to send a gift basket to right? You are a health conscious consumer and search the web for slightly healthier options only to find milk duds, skittles and chocolate covered pretzels in a basket.  Are there any other options out there? Who wants to send the gift of sickness and disease?

Being the smart health conscious shopper that you are I am glad to share with you that there are now other options available. I recently realized I wanted to send a gift basket to a friend of mine for his birthday and started searching the web.  The usual unhealthy options came up but then I came across a company that actually allows you to send healthy gifts to your loved ones! They have gift baskets that contain snacks like trail mixes, organic dried fruit, natural lip balm, natural soaps and more!

america's best organics

I was so happy to find this because the gift that I personally want to give is the gift of health, not a gift of sickness. The company that I discovered is an amazing company with great intentions! (Which melts my entrepreneurial heart like dark chocolate on a hot summer day) and hopefully it does for yours too.

I spoke with the CEO Seleyn DeYarus on the phone and she notified me that America’s Best Organics is now a B Corp which means that they take into account not only their shareholders but society and the environment into their daily business practices. You can read more about B-corps here.

Could you imagine what that friend or family member would say if you sent them a traditional gift basket full of junk food? If you are like me then you are always sharing health information and telling people about the benefits of eating organic foods, living healthy and are a true endorsement for that lifestyle. If you send them something that doesn’t align with your beliefs about living healthy what does that say about you? Do you really believe that organic is the best way to live? are you living it or just preaching it? I hope that by now you truly are living that and when it comes to your friends and family you are sharing that information with them as well and when you buy them a gift you know it adds value to their life and their health.

The great thing about America’s Best Organics is that their gift baskets is that they can contain the following:

* Organic Tea

* Dark Chocolate

* Organic Hard Candies

* Organic Jams

* Organic Seeds (I love that!)

* Organic Soaps & Natural Skincare

* Organic Cotton Baby Clothing

* Organic Snacks (Bars & Granola etc.)

Now compare that list to your typical list of candy, junk food snakes, cookies, and all the other junk out there i’m sure you can tell that their selection is much better, much more natural and organic! Not only is their selection great and they are now a B corporation but the CEO also told me that they are working to create more organic farmland in America.  If that’s not patriotic and an admirable mission, I don’t know what is!

It’s companies like these that we need to support and tell our friends about.  Companies like these are changing the way the gift basket industry works because traditionally the gift of sickness through junk food and sugar is normal and accepted.  They are changing that, they are creating something worth giving, the gift of health.

I hope that next time you give a gift basket you keep America’s Best Organics in mind!

Have an amazing day,

David Benjamin