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Wayne Dyer has had a huge impact on my life. I first came across his work when I was around 19 years old. My brother had the film “The Shift” on his computer and he connected it to the tv in the living room to watch it. My brother and I lived in the same apartment as roommates and spent a lot of time in our lives at this point learning and educating ourselves after the workday. We both didn’t go to college so self-education was really important to us.

He mentioned he had this film called The Shift from Wayne Dyer and although I was skeptical and thought it sounded “weird” to my 19 year old self I decided I’d watch it anyway. As The film started I thought this was just going to be a boring 1.5 hours with nothing entertaining or valuable to me. I was interested in personal development at this point in my life but more the motivational kind, not the inspirational “get in tune” with your spirit kind of talk that Wayne Dyer was touting.

As the film progressed I remember thinking “wow” this is interesting. The graceful demeanor of Dr. Wayne Dyer impressed me and I thought to myself “That’s how I want to live when i’m older” and even to this day think like that, along with “I want to live like that now” when I see Wayne speak.

The film the shift transformed my life at 19 years old. It shifted (literally) my perspective on life and changed my direction and mindset on a lot of things. It helped be become aware of the dangerous E.G.O. (edging God out) and how it can affect your life, well-being and happiness if you don’t keep it in check. The film also discussed how we value our possessions, our work etc etc… and how these external perceptions of ourselves can cloud or reality of the actual truth.

We can get caught up in our ego, our title, our label, our “importance” and forget that we are ALL one. Every race, every religion, every belief system. The only one’s who forget this are too caught up in their own ego (or their own ego allegiance) that they forget how incredible we ALL are.

At that point in my life I was focused on one thing, money. My career. I wanted to be successful because that’s all I wanted since I was a younger kid. I saw money as happiness, money as THE answer to all of my problems. I didn’t realize how wrong and confused I actually was until I saw the shift. The shift allowed me to begin the journey of separating from my ego and living in unison with my higher self and being in touch with my spirit as opposed to my ego.

I am so grateful that my brother found that movie and played it that night. Since then I have read a few of his books, one of my favorites being the Power Of Intention. I highly recommend watching The Shift film and reading the power of intention, and learning more about his work at

Further diving into the complex of the ego you can understand what the ego thinks and how it separates you from your highest self by learning the lies your ego tells below:

6 Beliefs Of The Ego (Not You)

1. I am what I have.

2. I am what I do.

3. I am what other people think of me.

4. I am separate from everybody else.

5. I am separate from all that is missing in my life.

6. I am separate from God.

These are not true, these are all lies. But if you tell yourself a lie long enough it becomes a truth. I hope my journey and the inspiration of Wayne Dyer can inspire you also to further dive deeper into your spiritual journey and development to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

No tree has branches so foolish as to fight among themselves – Native American Proverb

(I heard this from a youtube video of Wayne Dyer last night)

Watch this to learn more…