At Healthy Wild And Free we do our best to bring the highest quality most relevant research and health information to you in your life. We want you to live a healthier and happier life. Certain products that we find are high quality, organic, non-gmo we want to share with you so that you can benefit from them also. Check out the products and brands we love below. If you decide to purchase please use the links from this page to click through and purchase as with some of them we get a small commission that keeps afloat.

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These are some of our favorite products:

  1. Essential Oils:

    We love the smell, and personal health benefits of these oils. They can be used topically, in an aromatherapy diffuser or in the bath. Some of them can also be used internally (read the website for details) They are the highest quality essential oils we’ve come across online and they more than likely ship right to your doorstep. If you have questions about essential oils or would like to learn more or order message me on facebook here.

  2. Himalayan Salt Lamps!

    The health benefits of himalayan salt lamps are extraordinary. They improve sleep quality, breathing, emit negative ions into your environment and add such a relaxing atmosphere to your home. You can learn more about the healthiest lighting for your home and bedroom by reading this article. You can shop directly for himalayan salt lamps (of all shapes and sizes) by clicking here.

  3. The Healthiest Lighting For Your Home And BedroomHealth Documentaries!

    I’m a huge consumer of health documentaries and healthy lifestyle books. You can view a full list of health documentaries that will educate and inspire you to live a healthier life below. You can also click here to watch the trailers for these health documentaries. top10healthdocumentariesDown the road there will be more product recommendations. Most product recommendations for healthy foods, supplements, beauty products and other healthy living products are linked up in specific articles or videos so be sure to search the site (at the very top in the search bar) for vitamins, minerals, supplements or products that you are curious about to see our take on them.

    In the future there will be more products available. I’ve had many people ask for Healthy Wild And Free t-shirts (but I don’t want to produce these unless the fabric is organic cotton, bamboo or any other sustainable fabric)… Eventually there will be t-shirts for sale though!

    Down the road I’d like to launch a healthy foods company with my mom, she’s incredible at making healthy food delicious and nutritious and i’d love to help bring her gift to the world and be able to share that deliciousness with you.

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