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In this episode of the podcast, I broadcast solo! talking about new years goals and intentions, and how you can create positive healthy habits that work for you, in your favor this new year to become healthier. I believe that health is a catalyst to being in a great relationship, to having a great career, to being happy, feeling fulfilled, and so much more, there are so many reasons to value your health.

Most new years in the past, I would simply write down my goals with no intention or emotion, or vivid imagination of the future. This year I did things a little unconventionally, and quite a bit different overall. I don’t know how it will turn out in the new year, but I feel better about my approach this year and expect great things to happen.

If you are looking to be healthier, happier, more fulfilled and inspired next year then make sure to listen to this podcast. Excuse the first 2 minutes, I had a technology mishap but the rest of the podcast is fine!

Thanks for listening to the podcast, hope you are enjoying them.

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Thanks for tuning in, feel free to share this episode with friends and family!

– David Benjamin