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You may have never heard of Qi gong before, unless you’re a Chinese energy practicioner or in the right circles. Qi gong (pronounced Chee gong) is a practice that comes from China, being a part of traditional Chinese medicine, also known as TCM.

Qi gong (also spelled Chi-Gong) is a traditional Chinese energy medicine that includes practice combining of breathwork, conscious movement, and meditation. In Qi gong, the word “qi” (or “chi” ) simply means “vital energy of the body” and “gong” means the skill and achievement cultivated through a regular and disciplined practice. It is part of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), which works with the Qi as a key feature of human energy, utilizing aspects such as psychology, physiology, and biology for healing and improving health conditions. Qi gong is not just a practice that can add value to your life and health but it has been practiced with documented results in China for thousands of years and has many different styles of practice.

We know that the individual components of Qi Gong have individual benefits but together each enhances the other. Breathwork helps to calm the nervous system, improve respiratory health and oxygenate the body better. Conscious movement helps improve flexibility and be more mindful of your own body which comes in handy, especially as you age.

Meditation helps to calm and center the mind and to be in a state that is more mindful and conscious of the world around you. Qi gong is a practice to calm your mind and nerves, be more mindful and grounded, as well as to flood your boxy with more oxygen. This helps your brain and body perform better. Moving the chi-energy throughout your body helps with flow. Flow of blood, flow of lymphatic fluids, to detoxify and bring nutrients to the cells. Think of Qi gong as an exercise in mindful movement of energy to improve health and well-being.

Here’s an introductory video to get you started with this practice that is common in traditional Chinese Medicine:

You can begin Qigong by simply engaging in this practice daily. Qigong is something you can advance in and feel benefits on a deeper level as well. If you’d like to learn more about the practice of Qigong to engage in it in your life you can get the Dvd “Qi Gong For Beginners” Here.