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When I was a kid I had horrible ear infections. I remember at one point my parents had to hold me down with horrible pain in my eardrums and tears rolling down my face. They were holding me down to put something in my ear to “help” me get rid of the ear infection. They went on and on though, it was a consistent childhood reoccurring experience that didn’t bring joy to my childhood by any means. I’m not sure to this day whether it was an antibiotic or a natural treatment, but it was rough! if you have small children i’m sure you’re already aware of how difficult it can be for them.

Oddly enough the other day my girlfriend and I were having a conversation about ear infections and she shared with me how her son Hayden (the cute kid in the picture above) had ear infections consistently and every time the doctor would prescribe an antibiotic called amoxicillin which is a popular antibiotic used for several purposes.

My girlfriend was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) so she trusted the doctors advice and tried this antibiotic. Unfortunately Hayden’s ear infections came back over and over again and after trying this antibiotic several times she gave up on it. Thankfully she found a topical ear treatment with garlic and mullein (a flower) that was recommended online.

The liquid herbal extract contained garlic bulb extract, mullein (a flower), St John’s Wort, Calendula, all extracted into organic extra virgin olive oil. You can read more about the ingredients and product on amazon by clicking here, it has 150 reviews all averaging 5-stars, the company that produces the product is herb pharm.

My girlfriend followed a simple protocol for Hayden, who was a little over a year old at the time. She put the drops of this garlic+flower extract (linked above) in his ear before bedtime and then put a cotton ball in each ear over it. Each ear had this extract overnight with the cotton keeping it in and collecting anything that drained from the ear.

In the morning she took the cotton balls out of his ears and he had a black liquid on each one. It drained something, whether it be mucous, bacteria, and whatever else was clogging his ear and causing an ear infection. Whatever drained helped! She said that he didn’t have one ear infection after that natural treatment. Months of ear infections and failed help from amoxicillin to treat the ear infections and one natural treatment with a liquid garlic and flower extract stopped ear infections completely, he hasn’t had one since! It’s pretty incredible. If you have kid’s who have ear infections take them off the antibiotic (anti-biotic means ‘anti-life’) and try this ear extract instead.

It’s worked well for him and hopefully it will work well for you too! It may not work overnight but give it a week. Garlic is one of nature’s strongest natural antibiotics with no side effects and the olive oil and flower extracts in this formula work to soothe the ear pain. If only my parents had known about this growing up!