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I recently discovered that Melinda Gates, who is the wife of Bill Gates, is going to make birth contraceptives available to 120 million women by year 2020. She has caused an uproar after speaking about this on TED, writing an essay and making promises to make a pledge from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to accomplish this goal in the near future.  I could stand behind this if I knew that she was pushing safer birth control methods such as chemical-free barrier birth control and natural herbs for birth control.  I’d love it even more if she discussed the importance of abstinence to those who are unmarried or funded programs teaching people safe methods for birth control.  After all, her motive is to reduce poverty and also help people in Africa along with other countries from having more children than a couple or single mother can handle.  Moreover, it also has been no secret that her and her husband support and fund movements for population control and eugenics.
Well, Africa is where the rate of HIV and AIDS is very high which causes concern when such a powerful individual pushes Depo-Provera as the choice contraceptive to those who are unaware that it heightens the risk of HIV to women by 40 percent.  According to medical research studies, there have been over 60,000 new cases of breast cancer. The Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center did a study on the Depo-Provera shot and has found that it doubles the risk of breast cancer.

Birth Control Causes Blood Clotting

Another issue with chemical contraceptives is that women have been diagnosed with pulmonary embolism, which is a deadly blood clot.  Blood clots have been linked to young women who have been taking birth control pills; even though doctors say that women over 35 who smoke are more at risk.  I scoured the internet and found a great deal of healthy young women who do not smoke with this issue from birth control pills.  As a matter of fact, I had signs of a similar issue which caused my doctor to take me off of them permanently.

My Experience with Oral Contraceptives

Doctors don’t tell you the risks of certain birth control methods when you disclose a need for it.  I was put on birth control only because of the female health issues that I have due to endometriosis and fibroids that keep me from having a regular menstrual cycle which is quite painful.  I wish I would have gone to a library or attempted to research alternatives online that could resolve my issues.  Consequently, long term birth control can cause infertility issues.  And I would like to have a child one day; therefore, I was not on them long-term, but I should not have been on them at all. Before my doctor took me off the pills, I tried pretty much every kind of pill a doctor can put you on, except seasonique which is the worst pill I feel a doctor can prescribe. Anyway, all of them made me sick or “off” such as constantly feeling queasy, extremely moody and irritable in combination with migraines, leg pains and sore breasts. The only thing I say can great about them, is that they made my breasts very large, but I really don’t need help in that area anyway.  And for those of you that do, it’s not worth it!

Health Issues Caused by Contraceptives

Please keep in mind, all contraceptives except methods similar to using a diaphragm most likely will cause medical issues.  Methods you should avoid are the patch, pill, shot, vaginal ring, IUD, paraguard IUD, plan b and implant. Even spermicide has harmful chemicals in them.  All of these chemically based methods are created with harmful synthetic hormones called ethinyl estridiol and norethindrone which can lead to breast cancer and other hormone related issues.  If a doctor offers any other methods not mentioned, please ask him or her if it has synthetic hormones first, especially if you are seeking emergency birth control after being forced sexually or if the condom broke.  Even if you are offered an IUD that contains copper, run!  Copper is extremely dangerous too! Most likely a doctor will offer a hormone or copper based drug, but I will provide alternative methods for cases like this.  Also, keep in mind women who have chosen to use these methods for a long period of time has had issues with fertility.

Safe Birth Control Methods

There are herbal and non herbal practices that you can try together or separately.  Abstinence is the one behavioral method you can practice without the need to use herbal practices to ensure that you do not get pregnant because Immaculate Conception is a fairy tale.   Outercourse is not as birth-control-proof as abstinence but if you have a partner that you want to be intimate with this is a good birth control method as long as you do not share bodily fluids by having your genitals too close to each other.

Barrier Birth Control Methods

While condoms are not 100 percent effective, you should always use them when you are single not only to avoid pregnancy but to also avoid the many types of STDs you can contract.  It is uncommon for married people to use condoms but there is a non herbal practice some people use which is called “pulling out”.  This is also not full-proof; therefore, taking herbal birth control will provide more protection. However, if you are interested in using condoms, married or not, I suggest using a chemical free, vegan condom.  There are actually two different companies that provide such condoms.  These two companies are:

  • Glyde – This company provides casein-free condoms made with plant-based ingredients such as thistle extra which is a natural contraceptive herb. What is also great about this company that sells these condoms is that it is Fair Trade Certified™ which means that this brand is made with respect to people and our planet.  You can buy them on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Sir Richard’s – A company that sells chemical-free sex products.  Their line of products include a condom that does not contain glycerin, parabens and spermicide.  This company is also vegan and PETA-approved. You can buy them on Amazon by clicking here.

If you are a married woman that is not squeamish when using inserts like a diaphragm or a cervical cap then these could work as long as it stays in during intercourse.  Some women feel that a diaphragm is too big so a cervical cap which is smaller will provide more comfort. Caya is a company that provides contoured, chemical-free diaphragms that are made out of silicon. Also, for women who feel that diaphragms never fit right, Caya’s diaphragms are designed like a tampon so that it hugs the vaginal walls to create an effective barrier from sperm entering the cervix.  If you need something that will make you feel more certain that you won’t get pregnant, then herbs and/or a vegan spermicide called ContraGel will be your best choice.  You can buy ContraGel on Amazon by clicking here.

Herbal Birth Control Methods

You must first be aware that there are some that are also potentially dangerous for you such as penny royal, which is an anti-fertility herb known to cause liver damage if you consume too much.  Those types of herbs, I will not suggest but be careful if you do further research for more herbal options.  There are articles out there that don’t tell you the dangers of some of these herbs.  I prefer to consume herbs that don’t have any dangerous health risks because I do not want to take my chances!  If you ever have some uncertainty a professional herbalist in or near your area can assist you with buying the best herbs for you, and can also help you once you want to regain fertility.  Also, a professional herbalist will help you find natural contraceptive herbs that are not easily found online or at a local health store.

Depending on what your preference is, there are three types of herbs that can fulfill each need concerning birth control. The three different types of herbs are implantation preventing herbs, sterility promoters and menstruation initiators.

Implantation Preventing Herbs

  • Wild Carrot – An herb also known as Queen Anne’s Lace used right after situations of unprotected sex or if the condom breaks on fertile days.  All you need to do is take one teaspoon of the seeds immediately for a full week.  It is advised to stay out of sunlight or UV light.  It is also a known treatment for heart disease, cancer and kidney problems.
  • Rutin– This herb prevents implantation of the fertilized egg onto the wall of the uterus. You can buy these supplements at stores such as Walmart or online on Amazon by clicking here.  It is suggested to take 500mg for several days before and following ovulation or after intercourse each day until menstruation.  There are no serious health issues connected to this herb.  It is an herb that can treat osteoarthritis, varicose veins and possibly diabetes.

Sterility Promoters

  • Stoneseed Root – An extremely powerful herb used by Native Americans. It is recommended to steep this herb in cold water for several hours, then drink a cup of it every day for 6 months.  It is said that a woman can permanently sterilize herself if she inhales the smoke of this plant for a long period of time.  No serious health risks have been reported but it is known to cure certain cancers as well as heal acne and burns if used topically.  Reported sides effects are change in menstrual periods, dry puffy skin, feeling cold, swelling in the front of the neck and weight gain.  Also if you have a thyroid disorder it is advised that you seek a different natural contraceptive.
  • Jack-in-the-pulpit Root – I hesitated with this one only because you need to be very careful with this herb. It contains calcium oxalate which is poisonous if you chew on the raw corm and the fresh herb ingested could be deadly.  Therefore, it is important to consume this by mixing one teaspoon of dried powdered root in a half cup of cold water.  Once you strain the liquid you can drink it to prevent conception for one week.  This is an option if you don’t want to drink the stoneseed root for six months.

Menstruation Initiators

  • Ginger Root – This is the best herb to consume if you want to bring your menstruation on after intercourse specifically if think you could be at risk of pregnancy. You will need to drink four cups of hot ginger root per day for five days only by boiling four teaspoons of powdered organic ginger root in a pot with four cups of water.  Ginger root does not cause any serious health issues but is known to treat osteoarthritis.  You can get organic powdered ginger root on Amazon by clicking here.
  • Unripe Fruit – The most shocking method of all is an unripe pineapple or green papaya. Who have thought! But it has been known to bring on a woman’s period.  If you think you are pregnant, it is also said by scientists that it could cause a miscarriage. Therefore, up to 3 months of pregnancy women should avoid pineapples if a miscarriage is not the goal.  The most effective way is to drink one pineapple and one cup of water mixed in a blender daily until you see blood. The papaya is more successful eaten by boiling it in water for ten to fifteen minutes.

Although these natural methods are much safer than conventional birth control, please proceed with caution when using these methods if you have any serious preexisting health conditions or illnesses.  Also, if you are unsure that you are pregnant please consult with your GYN, some of these methods can act as a natural abortion.  And it is best to refrain from consuming any of these herbs if you are breast-feeding because most of them are dangerous for an infant to consume.   If you wish to never have children, tubal ligation is a recommended option.  Just keep in mind if you change your mind later, reversing tubal ligation can cause an ectopic pregnancy and fertility issues.