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In today’s podcast Julie Ostrow is the guest, she’s a Humor, Laughter, and Improv Coach, American Laughing Champion and Second City-trained Julie Ostrow teaches organizations and corporate teams to use Improv 2 Improve to improve Creativity, Communication, Team Building, and Innovation with their clients and within their organizations.

As a certified laughter yoga leader, she conducts humor and laughter workshops in which she teaches the benefits of using  humor and laughter in all aspects of our lives, including in the workplace. Having more than 15 years of corporate experience as marketing professional, Julie is able to identify the trigger points of miscommunication and low morale in the corporate culture. By infusing her corporate experience with her humor, laughter, and improv tools, she is able to guide organizations to communication, connection, and creativity. Resulting in re-inspired teams and increased productivity. In this podcast we discuss laughter as medicine, the health and other mind-body benefits of laughing more in life, and not taking yourself too seriously.  You can learn more about Julie at

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Here’s Julie winning her “American Laughing Championship” Trophy!

I was curious about the benefits of laughter and found that laughter:

* Boosts The Immune System

* Releases Endorphins

* Protects The Heart By Improving The Functions of Blood Vessels.

* Increases Blood Flow (Research At The University Of Maryland)

* Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

* Improves Relaxation & Sleep

* Temporarily Relieve Pain!

There are so many tangible benefits of laughter, it only makes sense to laugh more often and induce laughter by watching comedy, creating humor, practicing improv or laughter yoga.  It’s an amazing medicine that helps the mind-body and spirit feel relieved, peace, and at ease! Plus, laughter is free, how many medicines are free?

– David Benjamin

P.S. Laughter increases overall sense of well-being, community and connectedness.  A huge portion of our spiritual lives revolves around having a sense of purpose within a community. This helps bring people together, to open lines of communication to find more purpose in life. Laugh more, and live Healthy Wild And Free! Please subscribe in Itunes and leave a review on the podcast, this really helps me reach more people with this message! You can learn more about the association for applied therapeutic humor at