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Martin grew up behind the Iron Curtain, in Czechoslovakia. He studied Business Administration and Computer Science at the Institute of Economics in Prague in the 1970s. He came to Canada as a refugee and worked in sawmills and warehouses for a few years. After a short career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist Martin moved to the computer industry and worked as a trainer and as a sales professional. In later years he worked as a manager, a management consultant and information technology consultant. Martin is happily married to the mother of his two adult daughters.

Soon after he received a dozen of mercury amalgam fillings as part of his introduction to modern western medicine, Martin’s health started a sharp decline. Martin’s documented mercury poisoning was behind his multitude of problems that neither the medical professionals nor the alternative practitioners he worked with identified as a possible source of his problems. In his quest for health, Martin explored dozens of mainstream and alternative modalities with only temporary success. Only after he decided to apply the strategic thinking skills he learned in his management consulting practice to his medical problems he was able to turn the tide and begin reversing his health problems.

In the process of discovery he has learned most of what a naturopathic doctor would learn at school – anatomy and physiology, hormonal function, nutrition and detoxification, exercise and emotional therapies. Martin continues his study to this day in order to improve his ability to advise the customers of Life Enthusiast in his capacity as personal coach and Metabolic Typing Advisor.

Martin is the CEO of Life Enthusiast, an on-line source of natural solutions for your health and wellness.

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– David Benjamin