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Ever get some bananas or avocados from the grocery store and they are green? too unripe to eat right away, and then they all ripen at the same time and you can only eat them fast enough and then a banana or avocado turns brown and rots. No more! This simple trick you’re about to learn will show you how to ripen a banana or avocado overnight. This will allow you to get green bananas or avocado’s and not worry about it.

You can use this method to ripen the banana or avocado (or one of each) the night before, and by the next morning they will be ripe and ready to eat.

You’ll Need:

  1. The unripe avocado or banana (or both)
  2. An Apple
  3. A Brown Paper Bag (any size)
  4. A chip clip (or some type of clip to seal the brown paper bag

Here’s How To Use This Method:

As you can see it’s quite simple. Simply put the unripe fruit in the brown paper bag with the apple and close the bag off so that it cannot access oxygen. The ethylene gas from the apple will cause the banana or avocado to ripen.

This is such a great trick that will allow you to eat the food you want and ripen it perfectly instead of eating it a little too ripe or a little too unripe, this fixes that! You can use this with both bananas and avocados, so always have a paper bag and an apple on hand for when needed.

Hope you enjoyed this trick, share it with friends and family.