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In 1836 a man by the name of Michael Faraday created what is now known as a Faraday Cage. Faraday cages are used by many people from all walks of life. Health enthusiasts all the way to the Government and Military.

A faraday cage is a very simple invention that has tremendous value for our health and well-being. Everything around us that is electrically powered produces some sort of RF (radio frequency) or EMF (electro-magnetic frequency). These electronic devices also produce and emit what are known as positive ions. Positive ions build up in our body and are bad for our biological function.

They cause stress, tension, inflammation, headaches, stagnation and more. Negative ions on the other hand have the opposite effect. Faraday cages are cages that reduce the electrical load of radio frequencies (RF’s) as well as help to concentrate positive ions at the source of contact.

Be it the smart meter or Wifi router. The metal cage is conductive, so these ions bind to the cage instead of traveling into that room or environment. This is good because it concentrates the source of harmful biological energy away from our bodies and into that corner of the room.

You can learn more about faraday cages in this video:

In the video below, Karl, the founder of Smart Meter Guard. A company that creates faraday cages explains a bit and shares a test to show the before and after implementing a faraday cage on a Wifi router.

You can see that with the faraday cage the reading is down to 14. With the faraday cage off the reading is over 1,827. That’s a night and day difference.

You can learn more about smart meter guard and their faraday cage products by clicking here.