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Learning about fermented/cultured vegetables started with reading the book Body Ecology Diet by: Donna Gates, which is a great book discussing the benefits of fermented vegetables and it includes recipes and how to advice for fermenting and culturing foods in your home cheaply and easily.  I have fermented many different vegetables including carrots, beets, and have noticed an improved digestive function from the probiotics as well as more energy from probiotic foods.

A few years ago though I wanted to try something different so I fermented apples, not knowing exactly how it would turn out or what would happen exactly. Thankfully it worked amazingly well! The apples fermented within a week and they tasted tangy. The tangy apples became something that I like to make every once in a while for the delicious flavor as well as the beneficial probiotics I receive from it.

This could literally be a breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack! It tastes great and could be compared to an apple sauce type of dish but with a more tangy flavor.  It’s delicious, nutritious and makes the nutrients in the apple more bioavailable to your body which is great because apples are very nutrient, fiber, pectin and mineral rich.

Here’s the video that explains the benefits of fermenting apples and how to go about making them:

In order to ferment apples all you will need is:

1. The Apples

2. Himalayan Pink Salt (I get mine here)

3. A Cabbage

4. A Lime

5. Purified or Spring Water

A great overall resource for creating your own cultured vegetables (or fruits) from home is Donna Gates Body Ecology Diet Book, so I do recommend picking up a copy of that book as well.  In that book you will learn about the benefits of cultured/fermented vegetables as well as how to go about duplicating the recipes in your own home that Donna lay’s out for you, which there are many.

In the book she also discusses the benefits of cultured foods and why you should make them a part of your diet on a consistent basis for gut, intestinal and Colon health.

Please share this article and video with your friends, family and loved ones! So many people could benefit in their health simply by making some delicious fermented apples.

~ Pura Vida ~

– David Benjamin

P.S. When the fermented apples are done (when I open the jar) you can also sprinkle organic cinnamon on the apples to have a tangy apple cinnamon flavored dish! It’s DELICIOUS, and definitely worth making so try it out!