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The other day I was thinking about chocolate carrot cake, which tastes great! But I don’t want the sugar, gluten, dairy or grains so I got to thinking “How can I recreate this chocolate carrot taste” yet have it be healthy for me?

I had a bunch of carrots and cacao, and some stevia… So I thought, what if I juiced the carrots, added cacao and blended it in and added a little bit of stevia for sweetness?

I tried it out and it worked fantastically, and guess what? It taste’s delicious! It has that carrot chocolate flavor that I love without the sugar, dairy or any other junk.

I have decided to call this drink (Since I created it) Cacao Carrot Mocha! That’s what it taste’s like… a chocolate carrot creamy mocha, and yes… it’s delicious!

Here’s how to make this tasteful juice step-by-step.

Step 1: Juice as many carrots as you want in order to make as much juice as you want:

Juicing Carrots

Step 2: Add the juice to your blender and add 2 spoon fulls of raw organic cacao powder (in my case, nutribullet container)

Cacao Carrot Juice

Step 3: Add a few drops of concentrated organic stevia liquid (Optional for sweetness)

Stevia Cacao Carrot Juice
Blend or Nutribullet this mix, and drink up! It’s as simple as that! The great thing about this drink is that the kid’s and whole family will love it. ┬áIt has a really rich carrot and chocolate flavor that is very rich and creamy!

This drink is a rich source of beta-carotene, vitamin A, magnesium, antioxidants, minerals and more!

This mix is a great tasting delicious drink for your skin, eye’s, heart and overall cardiovascular system. It’s also great for your blood sugar levels (if you include the stevia) in the mix.

It taste’s great, does great and is a great healthy treat! Leave your comments below and let me know how you like it after you try it!

David Benjamin

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I’m sure they will like it…. it’s delicious! Below is the pic of the finished “Cacao Carrot Mocha” when all blended!

Cacao Carrot Mocha