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Before you read the article below, watch this video to learn why it sea vegetables are very beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing and how you can use them to give your body the minerals it needs to sustain and create new life.

Minerals are extremely important for your health, the structure of your body and the bare bone base (literally) of your body is built upon minerals.  There are two types of minerals, macro minerals and micro minerals, micro minerals often referred to as trace minerals.  Macro minerals include calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and sulfur.

Micro minerals, also known as trace minerals include cobalt, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc, among others. Your body needs both macro and micro minerals in order to serve important functions in the body. All of these minerals serve a role to build your bodies functions and keep them healthy and strong.  Calcium and magnesium build strong bones and teeth. Iron aids in producing red blood cells that transports oxygen to all of the organs in the body.

I like to see minerals as the base, minerals are the essential nutrients that your body needs to have both a basic structure but to also flow and circulate.  Magnesium and potassium for example help with muscle contraction, circulation and blood flow.  If you are too deficient in either or both of these that could cause major health challenges.

Minerals help to create healthy hair, skin, nails as well as rebuilding organs, tissue, the nerves, bones, teeth and are really involved in all rebuilding processes within the body.


Minerals work directly with amino acids, proteins and hormones to create new life, balance and a homeostasis within the body.  Minerals in my mind are more important than vitamins overall because they are the base that vitamins work from.  If you are deficient in certain minerals there is a good chance the vitamins (or multi-vitamin) that you consume will not be utilized fully.   You will not benefit from those vitamins as much because the minerals are the legs for the body, the vitamins.

Don’t get me wrong, you definitely need vitamins and minerals both in your diet and if you are eating whole foods that are nutrient dense and grown in healthy soil you will get both vitamins and minerals in your diet.  Unfortunately because our soils have been depleted of nutrients, especially minerals we need to look elsewhere to supplement and give our bodies the minerals that they need to stay healthy and work properly.

So what can we do in order to get the macro and micro minerals that we need in our diet to give ourselves a great base and foundations that vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, hormones and all other beneficial things in our body to work from? We can eat sea vegetables! Sea vegetables come in different forms and thankfully are some of the most mineral rich foods on the planet.  Think about it, the sea is basically a massive body of water and minerals.  In fact, many organic soil companies use salt water and minerals from the sea to produce healthy soil, which in tern creates a great environment for the seed to grow, prosper and be nutritionally dense.

There are different sea vegetable that you can get in your diet.  Some of the main sea vegetables are chlorella, spirulina, kelp and dulse. Chlorella and spirulina are both great sources of minerals and spirulina is actually one of the most protein dense foods on the planet. Kelp and dulse are great because they are very mineral rich, and both contain iodine which is a very crucial trace mineral that many people, especially in the midwest are deficient in.  In the midwest because we are not close to the coasts and the soil is void of many minerals and has been sprayed with pesticides and grown genetically modified seeds we have lost or are just not close too many great sources of iodine.

Kelp and dulse are both rich in Iodine though.  Iodine is a crucial nutrient for thyroid health.  I recently realized that I was deficient in Iodine because my hands and feet were cold.  I am now incorporating kelp and dulse in my diet consistently to get my body the iodine that it needs in order to get my thyroid what it needs to be healthy again.

So there you have it! Get chlorella, spirulina, kelp and dulse in your diet, in your salads and into your life and you will get those sea minerals from the sea vegetables that your body needs and loves!

Have an amazing day!

~ Pura Vida ~

– David Benjamin

P.S. You can get the organic Kelp I have here, as well as the Dulse here.