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Yesterday I was talking to my mom on the phone, who is a holistic naturopath and health educator. She can be found at Tangible Healing. We were discussing health, wellness, and how important it is to have balance in life. She was sharing some health resources and interviews with me that she recommended that I listen to, a few of which were awesome! One was a 14 year old kid who plans on becoming an organic farmer when he’s older as well as another teacher who spoke on balance and how ‘junk food’ may actually be healthier for us every once in a while than we know. Maybe I will share some of this in a future article or video!

As we were talking the topic of fresh air came up, ya know… Good ole oxygen that you breathe in every few seconds.  She said, “Remember when you were a kid and I would open up the whole house about once a month in the winter to let the fresh air in?” I said ‘Yep! I do!’!

She would open up all the doors in the house all the way once a month or so in the middle of the winter in Michigan just to get fresh air in the home.  I thought it was crazy as a kid because it was freezing! There was snow on the ground, it was winter, it was Michigan!! I now understand why she did that.  She was airing the home out and getting some fresh air in the home.  She understood how important it was to have fresh air to breathe.  As we sit in homes (that are not in our TRUE primal nature habitat) we breathe in recycled dusty air.

She told me that my grandparents would always even sleep with a window in the bedroom cracked in the winter! Just to get fresh air. Sounds quite far out for michigan weather at least, but it shows the emphasis of importance that older generations had on simply breathing fresh air.

Not only is fresh air refreshing but it is very healthy for you.

Did you know that Fresh Air…

fresh air home* Helps the digestive system

* Improves Heart Rate & Blood Pressure

* Quite literally makes you happier! (that’s good right?)

* Cleanses and keeps your lungs clean

* Improves mental focus and clarity

* Boosts the immune system

* Keeps Cells in the body healthier (more available oxygen)

* And a whole lot more!

The brain uses 20% of the bodies oxygen! So if you have cloudy thinking, it’s probably because there are clouds… in your thinking! You just need some fresh air.  Fresh air will provide you with a healthy, sharp, clear mind. I slept with my window barely cracked last night and feel in a better mood today than I usually do. I believe fresh oxygen not only gives us that breathe of life but of happiness and vitality as well.

The health benefits you receive from leaving a window or two in the home cracked are amazing. This small changes improves your health and the quality of your life and the life of your family drastically.

The freshest air is not put through an air purifier, or recycled with a fan.  The freshest and healthiest air is outside, so open a window and let some of it in! even if it’s just a crack.

The great thing is that even if you live in a cold climate and cannot leave the window open you can still take steps towards purifying the air and improving the quality of the oxygen that you breathe. One small step I recently took in that direction was to purchase a few himalayan salt lamps. These lamps are created from himalayan sea salt and are beautiful! But how do they purify the air you ask? That’s a good question!

Himalayan salt lamps purify the air by emitting negative ions from the heat produced by the lamp. These negative ions bond to positive ions in the air which are pollutants that we would otherwise breathe in. So by simply buying a few himalayan salt lamps you can improve the health of the air that you breathe as well as have a healthier form of light for you and your family. There are many other benefits to these that I will cover in future articles! If you want to purchase a himalayan salt lamp though I recommend the himalayan salt shop, this is where I got mine.

Starting today, crack your windows open and let a fresh breeze from outside into your home! Get a few salt lamps and let them purify the air as well. Another good step in the right direction is to buy air purifying plants! With fresh air from outside, plants and himalayan salt lamps that purify the air you will be taking a big step towards improving your health from just a few small changes that aren’t that difficult to make.

To the freshest air possible!

~ Pura Vida ~

David Benjamin

P.S. You can get the himalayan salt lamps here. They currently have a bunch of their lamps on sale too so it’s a great time to get a few and help to begin purifying the air in your home!