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Stuff plays a role in our lives, we live around stuff, sell stuff, buy stuff, move stuff, store stuff… You name it! our lives can get quite stuffy when too much stuff is going on around us. Ever find it interesting that people who are ‘stuffy’ tend to have too much stuff (objects) to deal with in their life? Do you think that over-consumption will cause your health and happiness to drain? It is an interesting topic isn’t it? It’s also interesting that people say things like “They stuff their emotions” and intuitively we know ‘stuffing’ anything emotion-wise is a bad move. Intuitively we know stuff can weigh us down in more ways than one.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions…

Why do I have so much stuff?

How much stuff do I need?

Why do I always want more stuff?

How important is “stuff” or the stuff that I own really?

These are really great questions, and important questions to ask yourself.  When searching for meaning, purpose, fulfillment and happiness in life we begin to realize that our happiness and fulfillment really doesn’t have much to do with how much stuff we own.  But look at how much stuff we own now, more than ever.  Having things we have now and consider normal used to be a luxury, why is it commonplace now? An abundance of products and consumerism is created in order to bombard you and confuse you with stuff. Stuff keeps you busy, pre-occupied and distracted from what’s really going on in the world.  You desiring stuff keeps the companies selling you stuff rich.  Your stuff means nothing though, Imagine losing all your stuff tomorrow, what’s really important to you?

Watch this video to find out how “Stuff” could be slowly destroying your life, happiness, health, wellbeing, family and more…

Also, it’s important we see stuff for what it is, just stuff, items, not that important.  Watch this comedic bit by one of the greats George Carlin talk about “Stuff” below:

We all have money and we all have the ability to acquire more stuff, but make sure the stuff you buy improves and enhances your health, vitality, mind, body, spirit, or wellbeing in one way or another. You can buy stuff that surrounds you on the outside, but leaves you feeling empty and sick on the inside. It is interesting that people who are ‘stuffy’ seem to have a lot of stuff isn’t it?

Don’t be stuffy, today’s a good day to liquidate, get rid of stuff you don’t need and free up some mind space.

Enjoy your day, live Healthy Wild And Free!

– Pura Vida

David Benjamin