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I recently was in southern California, in San Diego area in a city called Carlsbad for about a month and enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful weather, beach and the ocean for a bit.  I actually was living literally right down the road from the Chopra center the whole time and I didn’t even know it! Next time I go to San Diego area I know exactly where it is and I will be going!

One of the interesting things about this trip was that I was leaving 4 plants behind to be watered by my roommate (who definitely does not care about my plants as much as me) unfortunately! Everyone has their own interests I guess and I just love growing plants, I love to see “Green things grow” there’s something fascinating and exciting about it.  To know that something that you support and give life too is growing right in front of you is a beautiful thing.  I guess it’s kind of like having a pet that you are very close too, or seeing your child grow from a baby into a kid, into a teen and into an adult to some small degree.

We as humans have a relationship with plants, we used to have a very strong relationship with plants. We would all grow our own food and have our hands in the soil, in the dirt every single day.  This is one reason I have so much respect for the native american culture, they understood and appreciated the plants and realized the value of them.  Today it seems like people only appreciate and respect fake fiat currency ‘dollar bills’ that represent money, wealth and power.

I believe that growing plants does many good things for your mind and spirit, and is a great task that brings people together and helps them understand the relationship with mother earth and the value of growth.

Here is a picture of the 4 plants I have right now, I call it ‘My Jungle’ because I’m trying to recreate a mini-jungle! I have some work to go still! lol…


My jungle needs a few more plants… eventually!

They put a smile on my face! I never thought i’d be so geeked out about plants but once you start growing them and you se new leaves develop, new stems and branches appear, the color change to a bright green and them growing taller it is amazing… It feels magical.  It is a great feeling to know that you played a role in them growing by watering them and tending to them.

I believe plants do a lot of things for us, more than we know.  I don’t know how to describe some of the things that I would like to describe but I will do my best to describe why I think you should start growing plants in your home, apartment, condo, trailer, RV, car… or WHATEVER you live in today.

One thing that shifted in me internally was how my perception and desire for growth of my plants changed over time.  The first plant I started growing is the plant you see in the back left corner of this picture.  I had it in my bedroom in my apartment in Michigan and I basically ignored and neglected it! I didn’t water it enough and the leaves started turning frail, turning brown and dying.  The plant was basically dead, or so I thought it was!

I am honestly surprised that it is still alive today because I thought it was dead and gone for sure.  My brother got a money tree (which is the plant in the front right corner that I have now) and it was growing so fast and became a massive beautiful money tree.  It was literally the largest money tree I had ever seen.  The growth, beautiful green color and physical presence it brought to a room was awesome so I decided to start ‘growing more green things’ in my apartment.

I used some organic microbes from to revive the back left plant and as you can see the center leaves on the plant are greener and have the white lines in them, like that type of plant is supposed to have while the rest of the leaves are green and not as alive and droopy.  This taught me a valuable life lesson through this process.  The lesson is that if you don’t take care of and tend to something it will begin dying and continue dying until you do something about it.  Plants teach us one of the most valuable life lessons and that lesson is “You are either growing or dying” there is no middle ground.  Plants are growing, or dying.  They are going in one direction or the other and it’s your choice as the plant keeper to determine what is happening.  I think this applies to all areas of life, you are either growing or dying in your health, your sustainability, your finances, your abundance, your love, your peace, your joy, your relationships etc.

Grow, just like a plant! Life is a beautiful circus full of joy, laughter, games, beauty and love if you simply just open up to it.  This was the first valuable lesson that I got.

There are other lessons along the path that I have learned from taking care of plants, like being caring, compassionate and tending to something that needs tending too.  When part of the plant needs to be removed I am there to remove it.  I am there to water it.  You learn how to care, how to be compassionate, how to be responsible, how to determine whether something is growing or dying and what you can do to help facilitate in it growing as opposed to dying and so many other things.

Not only are plants beautiful but they improve your health in several ways as well.  They provide pure oxygen for your household that gives your lungs and body the pure oxygen to stay vitalized and healthy. Plants also help you heal and recover faster! can you believe that? What you see determines how fast you heal and recover from anything.  This is scientifically proven and documented in a documentary I saw on PBS several years ago (but forget the name atm!) Within the documentary though there were two people in a hospital and one of them had a window with a view of mountains and nature while another one had a view of a brick wall.  The person with the view of nature recovered in almost half the time as the person seeing the brick wall.  This proves that simply seeing nature, seeing plants and seeing beauty from nature through plants is healing to and for us.

So for pure oxygen and for the purpose of healing and recovering faster you mine as well grow plants! let alone all the other life lessons and cool experiences you have seeing the plants grow and evolve and literally reach for the sun.  My plants begin to reach towards the windows and now are curved that way! If you have kids growing plants is a must to teach them lifelong lessons through growing, tending too and taking care of plants.

By Growing Plants You Get:

* Pure Oxygen

* The Healing effects of visually seeing plants

* Life Lessons through cultivating & Growing them

* To See life grow that your hands creates! (how awesome is that?) 

I hope that you enjoyed this article and learned something from it and are inspired to grow some plants! I recommend growing a money tree to start just because they look awesome and are an easy place to start!

Please like, comment and share your experiences with growing plants below!

Have an amazing weekend!

Pura Vida!

David Benjamin

P.S. I was just chatting with a friend and thought i’d share this to end it…

“Life just makes more sense when you grow plants” I don’t know what it is, but I HIGHLY recommend that you try it out!