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Every once in a while I come across a health product that i’m a bit skeptical of, how could such a weird device improve my health? is there any science backing their claims? there’s a lot of hoopla in the health world, a lot of magic potions and lotions that don’t do much, but there is also plenty of great products that are worth investing into, especially the products that you can use over and over again to benefit your health with no additional cost.

The squatty potty is one of those products, which will be getting more recognition and attention ever since it aired on the show Shark Tank yesterday. I discovered the squatty potty originally while visiting my mother, she had this stool like device and said you put your feet up and you poop better, that’s all I knew! I used it and noticed I had a good bowel movement and didn’t think much of it.  A few years later I watched a video (from Sean Croxton of and he recommended it as well, I finally got one for myself and realized it’s worth it! If you have a backed up colon, this helps release more each time you have a movement, and after looking at some of the charts and science behind it on their website, it makes sense.

Here’s the video of me sharing my results and recommendations with the squatty potty:

You can get a squatty potty on amazon by clicking here, The only difference between these and mine is mine is the bamboo taller version (a bit pricier) but worth it to me because I can squat more and I like the eco-friendly aspect of the bamboo! I highly recommend it, and use it every single time you go! you’ll notice a difference in the size of your bowel movements, which is a good thing.

Until next time, live Healthy Wild And Free!

– David Benjamin