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In this interview with Lyn-Genet Recitas we discuss how you could be reacting to healthy foods causing inflammation in the gut and causing weight gain. Surprising foods could be making you fat and causing other health and digestive issues.

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Lyn-Genet Recitas has been a holistic nutritionist since 1983 studying nutritional therapy, holistic medicine, herbology, homeopathy and shiatsu. She started working with immune response and hormonal balance twenty years ago on the west coast and has been running health centers for the past ten years in New York City and Westchester. Lyn-Genet and her team at The Lyn-Genet Plan have helped thousands of men and women find easy, effective ways to lose weight, improve health and reverse the aging process.


In this podcast we discuss which foods your body is reacting to and making you fat. Her book “The Plan” is called the anti-diet for a simple reason, it helps you to be able to eat the foods you love while losing fat.

I found her book very insightful and informative and would definitely recommend it.

Others have said…

“I’m amazed at how easy the plan is, and how much better I feel about the food combinations i’m making”

“A very informative book.”

“This book changed my life.”

“I’m off to a good start – 2.6 lbs the first day. It may be the solution I’ve been seeking for 55 years.”

You will understand which foods your body reacts too and how to improve your health and wellbeing by balancing your digestive system, Liver, Thyroid and more!

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– David Benjamin