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Una De Gato, also known as cat’s claw is an herb native to the Peruvian region of the amazon rainforest. It is a vine-like plant and has many beneficial medicinal and therapeutic properties.

Una de gato is a strong herb for protecting your health in numerous ways. It is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-hypertensive as well as an anticoagulant which means that it helps to stop cell clogging within the body.

una-de-gatoOddly enough i’ve had some hypertension for a bit now, since late last year and have been eating healthy, taking it easy and taking other herbs and essential oils but nothing was improving it much. I took 3 of these last night and already feel better this morning. As far as heart health and cardiovascular health I really think there is something to this herb.

It is also a red blood cell protector, which is really important because red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen throughout the body. So if you have joint pain, chest pains, inflammation or symptoms like these anywhere in your body, Una De Gato would be a great herb to try out. In several studies una de gato (cat’s claw) was also shown to be anti-cancerous as well resisting the growth of cancer cells in lab tests.

The red blood cell protecting benefits are very unique and an important benefit of this plant, as well as it’s immune boosting properties. Una De Gato is known to be one of the strongest immunity boosting herbs on the planet and is utilized by the indigenous Peruvian people in their tribes all throughout the jungle.

You can learn more about the benefits of this amazing plant here:

I get my Una De Gato from because the herbs are organic, wildcrafted and spagyric processed making them about three times as potent as the regular powdered form of the herb.  This increases the therapeutic and medicinal value substantially to allow for more positive effects from the herb overall.

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– David Benjamin

P.S. If you order from, they give a percentage of profits to the aceer foundation to ensure the sustainability of the rainforest and these plants which is very important, so please be conscious of who you buy amazon herbs from.