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In today’s podcast the amazing Marilyn Gordon is on the show, she is a life transformation teacher, author, speaker, healer, board certified hypnotherapist, and personal development school director and with forty years’ experience both teaching and healing. Her work is to help people transform their darkness into light, and she offers books, recordings, telecourses, home study programs and more. Find out about her and her work at

I recently read her book Healing is Remembering Who You Are: A Guide for Healing Your Mind, Your Emotions, and Your Life and loved it! In this interview I decided to be more of an open book and share some of the thoughts and emotions that I experienced recently that probably aren’t positive.  The victim, poor-me mindset is probably more common than it should be, and it doesn’t serve you.  Marilyn took me through the wise mind process to clear that and to have a new perspective on things.  The process to walk through is in her book The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing.

Tune in here:

I hope that you enjoyed this podcast and are looking forward to future episodes, I know I am! Thanks for listening! You can subscribe to the podcast in Itunes here, and if you could leave a review on the podcast while you are there I would greatly appreciate it!

– David Benjamin

P.S. Here is that ho’oponopono song that I mentioned in the interview, listen to it to feel and think thoughts of gratitude, love, forgiveness and compassion on a daily basis!