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Ever hear of the Red Sumac Berry? It’s a berry that grows in many states and areas of the world that is rich in Vitamin C, an astringent, anti-septic, tonic and has benefits for the kidney’s, as well as other parts of the body. Native Americans would use this plant, bark, leaves and berries medicinally for many ailments. It’s great for skin health, the kidney’s and much more, and you may just be able to get this berry for free in your backyard or within a few miles of your home.

Learn more by watching this video:

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I live in Michigan and have seen a lot of these berries, they are everywhere here, so if you live in Michigan or the northern part of the US there’s a good chance your climate and region grows red sumac berries. The tea is delicious and can also be heated up in the wintertime as well.

Thanks to the Native Americans for this discovery, if it wasn’t for them we’d probably just walk past it, but the tea is delicious, medicinal and nutritious!

Enjoy your day, Pura Vida!