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Essential oils are becoming more popular by the year. It wasn’t but 10 years ago that essential oils were hidden on a little shelf at the health food store all the way in the back, now they are front and center and everyone is talking about them. Why? They have benefited the lives of many people, they seem to have almost magical or miraculous properties for some people.

Essential oils are the liquid plant chemicals (that’s it) from the plant they are derived from. For example, lavender essential oil contains all of the plant chemicals from lavender, but not any of the nutrients. It contains the chemicals from the plant which when applied topically or inhaled into the lungs signal the body to do what lavender does. The plant chemicals in the essential oil influence your biology to do what lavender tells it to do.

In the case of each essential oil they all have a different profile of plant chemicals. Lavender differs from peppermint, which differs from orange, which differs from frankincense. I love the rare (typically pricier) oils because they contain plant chemicals that most typical oils don’t have and is not easily consumed in your diet. Something like myrrh essential oil has a host of benefits that something like orange or peppermint essential oils do not have. The same goes with frankincense.

My initial interest in frankincense essential oil came for a few reasons and i’m a regular user of it now because I love it and the benefits that come with it. I heard a story of a young girl in her twenties who was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor that put several drops of frankincense essential oil on her tongue. She held it on the roof of her mouth and did that several times daily for several months. Her cancerous tumor went into remission and she’s cancer free today. This story surprised me, because that was the main thing she did. The video of her sharing her story can be found in the truth about cancer series.

Beta-elemene which is a cancer fighting terpene found in both frankincense and myrrh essential oils has the ability to cross the blood brain barrier may be partially responsible for these changes.

According to the national library of medicine both myrrh and frankincense had anti-cancer effects with myrrh being a stronger anti-cancer oil.

The Omani government also funded a study and found that frankincense was beneficial at targeting and killing cancer.  They shared:

“After a year of studying the AKBA compound with ovarian cancer cell lines in vitro, we have been able to show it is effective at killing the cancer cells. Frankincense is taken by many people with no known side effects. This finding has enormous potential to be taken to a clinical trial in the future and developed into an additional treatment for ovarian cancer.”

Beyond that frankincense essential oil is beneficial for cellular health and regeneration. If cells are damaged the chemical profile of frankincense essential oil helps bring them health and the ability to rejuvenate. This is beneficial throughout the entire body internally as well as topically.

Frankincense has the ability to help decrease signs of aging on the skin. The ability to regulate cellular health also plays a role in keeping the skin look youthful and healthy. This can help with scars, stretch marks and evening skin tone.

Beyond it’s cancer preventative and skin healing properties Frankincense is also an extraordinary anti-inflammatory agent that helps to reduce inflammation in the body. If you have joint pain, arthritis or any type of inflammation anywhere in the body you can apply frankincense essential oil topically to this area to give it relief.

The anti-inflammatory and cellular rejuvenation properties also positively effect the immune system. If the immune system is down, weakened or off in any way Frankincense can help to bring it back into balance and proper functioning.

Some say that frankincense has psychoactive effects, but i’ve ingested it many many times and have had not one psychoactive trip! It may influence your subconscious mind to go elsewhere but you won’t feel any conscious trip into the galaxy, although that would be cool right? 🙂 It does influence the crown chakra, and benefits the pituitary and pineal gland though. It has been and is used for prayer and meditation for thousands of years.

One of the key benefits that i’ve noticed personally is that by taking it internally is that my brain has more flow and I am definitely more intuitive. I sense things better and have seen more synchronicities happen simply by using this oil. If you want to be in tune with the energy around you, your energy and awaken your crown chakra to express at a higher level of consciousness and evolution, this essential oil is for you.

If you’re looking for it to directly influence your crown chakra and third eye you can ingest it and hold it on your tongue as well as place a drop in between your eyes which will help the pineal gland (third eye) with spiritual understanding and universal understanding and expression.

It’s no wonder that frankincense and myrrh were as valuable as gold thousands of years ago, Frankincense truly is one of the best energetic healing things you can ingest or apply to your body topically.

You can learn more about essential oils, quality and application or ask me any questions by messaging me on facebook here.