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In this inspiring conversation Simona and we discuss how moving from Lithuania to America and from America to Malaysia had an affect on her health and wellbeing and how she overcame it through diet, meditation and being at peace with yourself and deciding to love the relationship with yourself and your food. Simona Goldin, the gal behind is a mom to a beautiful little girl, a wife to an awesome husband, an online entrepreneur, and most importantly, a lover of all things healthy. As someone with a severe case of Hashimoto’s Disease – a hypothyroidism condition that affects weight gain, stamina, mood & fertility – She can tell you there is sometimes no outright cure to that illness/food allergy/weight issue affecting you. Desperation led her to realize that with the help of proper nourishment, She could reduce my symptoms without overdosing on medication (which often has side-effects worse than the condition you are treated for).glow30

It took several years of personal research, many different doctors, nutritionists and even scientists, to find the tools she needed to get a grip on my health through food. It also took lots of experimenting with diets, cleanses and juice fasts to learn that most of it is total B.S.! This blog and the Glow30 Reset Program is here to support and serve you. Her team and her will do our best to provide you with the juiciest info on healthy living for women.

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You can grab a copy of Simona’s book for free at, and you can see a bunch of delicious and amazing healthy recipes on her website as well.  Please share this interview with someone you know that could benefit from it and leave your comments below.

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