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I updated my facebook status the other day on facebook about how if you saw the superbowl commercials you may now think that if you eat doritos, drink pepsi and coca-cola and drive a toyota camry that you’ll be a better father, and a happier person that get’s better looking dates etc… the list goes on and on in the tv advertising world. I posed this as a joke and someone responded with a comment saying that feeding your kid’s doritos is child abuse because of it containing MSG. I responded saying that if that’s the case then myself and millions of other kid’s have been abused during childhood and that it does some injustice to the people who were actually abused physically, verbally and sexually as children.

It’s important to stay grounded, humble and understand that everyone is doing the best with what they have and what they know. Your job is to do your best, not to judge others. If you want to spread the message of healthy food and organic living then live it yourself and treat people with love and compassion and they will be gravitated towards the organic lifestyle.

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