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Eggnog (also known as egg milk punch) starts showing up this time of year, and most people drink a few glasses over the next month or so. I remember when I used to enjoy it I would always drink it. One holiday season I had a big glass and drank it quite quickly and my stomach started hurting and feeling uncomfortable about 5 minutes later. Reading this will help you understand why eggnog is not a healthy option this holiday season and why you should completely avoid it. But what is it? I used to enjoy a glass of eggnog until I found the truth about it, and what it actually contains. What is eggnog?

Eggnog is Comprised Of:

  1. Milk
  2. Sugar
  3. Cream
  4. Eggs

At first glance you may think “not too bad?” huh? basic ingredients that could be in any food. As with all food it’s about the quality of ingredients. The milk, cream and eggs in eggnogg are NOT organic. These animals (cows & chickens) are typically fed GMO corn or soy, which is a toxic food full of pesticides and very very little nutritional density. By drinking regular dairy milk, regular cream and eggs that are from hens raised in an unhealthy environment you consume what they consume.

The cow’s are typically given both antibiotics and hormones (including steroids) for several reasons. The antibiotics are used to help ward off infections but they kill beneficial gut bacteria that would normally give the cow’s milk some good probiotics that the human would then consume. Cow’s milk that goes into eggnog is the same crap. They are given hormones (including steroids) to induce growth to increase milk production and meat yields per cow. The farmers “invest” in a larger cow that produces more milk. The problem is the health of the animal is compromised as the hormonal system is hijacked by unnatural drugs.

When you consume cows milk or cream from an unhealthy cow you are ingesting their hormones, their steroid injections, their antibiotics in small amounts. This covers half of what’s in eggnog and will harm your hormonal system as well as harm your gut flora also.

Beyond that, cows milk is very difficult to digest. Most people are lactose intolerant and don’t even know it! Over 75% of adults are lactose intolerant and 60% cannot digest milk according to USA Today. Studies have found that cows milk causes weight (fat) gain, more skin conditions (such as acne) and believe it or not weaker bones! Why? because what was once calcium rich milk is pasteurized which actually removes most calcium to be bioavailable. Milk acidifies in the body and because of this the calcium that was ingested with the milk is used to bring an alkaline balance.  Furthermore the vitamin D in milk is also destroyed during the pasteurization (heating) and homogenization processing so you don’t really get any vitamin D or calcium that the body can actually use, if anything, very small amounts. So much for that marketing scheme huh?

Furthermore cow’s milk contains IGF-1 (insulin growth like factor) which is a hormone that increases the risk of developing Colon, Breast or Prostate cancer, some of the most common forms of cancer!

With the unintentional antibiotics and hormones you’re ingesting, and the very difficult to digest lactose and proteins you don’t get much at all, maybe low levels of nutrition overall but it’s not worth all the downsides. Milk, and eggnog should be avoided if you want to stay healthy. A healthy gut, healthy skin and bones won’t come from cow’s milk, not anymore.  Another milk option could be rice, almond, hemp or coconut milk.

The milk and the cream in eggnog (from cows) are not going to support your health in any way whatsoever.

Milk and cream from an unhealthy animal that has been pasteurized and homogenized (which kills any additional nutritional value through heating) doesn’t do you any good and is more harmful than anything. There are multiple studies showing the harmful effects of milk on skin, bone health, digestive health and as a cancer causing hormonal concoction. Avoid it, and avoid eggnog because it contains this same milk.

The eggs in eggnog may be slightly better as eggs from any animal contain more nutritional value but most hens live in cages and are fed GMO feed and are pumped with hormones and antibiotics also. Chickens are producing eggs with these same hormones and antibiotics. This is an additional load that the body has to account for.

The milk, cream and eggs will cause your hormonal system to scramble, searching for a way to find it’s homeostasis and balance which it naturally has without foods that contain hormones that corrupt (essentially confuse) it.

There is quite a bit of sugar in eggnog also. People think soda and energy drinks are the only drinks with sugar, nope! Eggnog is high on that list also. I googled some eggnog labels and found one eggnog that had 21 grams of sugar for a 4 ounce serving! That’s a LOT of sugar for a 4 ounce drink. You may not drink as much eggnog because it’s so thick and filling but even just having two small 4 oz glasses of eggnog is 42 grams of sugar.

Our society is absolutely hooked on sugar. Why? it’s in everything practically. Sugar is in cereals, snacks and even bread! It’s in every single drink you can think of (including eggnog) and has caused a lot of health conditions to proliferate. There have actually been studies done proving that sugar is much more addictive than cocaine! It’s no wonder obesity and diabetes are on the rise in a rampant way.

We can all cut back on sugar. Excess sugar causes belly fat, an acidic body, a disrupted hormone system once again and it harms your body in it’s ability to use fuel from other sources of food. Sugar is metabolized fastest so we can get quick energy from sugar but if you begin to depend on (and become addicted to it) then your body cannot utilize healthy fats and other sources of fuel for energy that sustain you. This is harmful because then your diet starts slanting in the direction of sugar based foods and drinks which causes even further addiction, belly fat and risk for diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Cancer? Yep, cancer cells have more sugar receptor sites than normal healthy cells. This means that sugar directly feeds and proliferates cancer cell growth over normal healthy cells.

This can lead to cancer formation or cancer proliferation and growth if you have already been diagnosed. Long story short, sugar negatively influences the hormonal system and pH of your body. Eventually you become sugar dependent (like a drug addict on drugs) and need it to function and be energized throughout the day. You should NEVER be dependent on one source of fuel for health, vitality and energy because it always means you’re compromising your health in another way.

What is eggnog? it’s dairy from an unhealthy cow that has been fed GMO feed, antibiotics and hormones and has been stuck in a small chamber the majority of it’s life. These animals are not healthy and drinking their milk or eating their meat is just a way of passing those traits(and hormones, antibiotics, gmo feed) onto you and your gut. It’s eggs from a hen that has had the same life experience, an unhealthy animal that you do not want the eggs from. Last but not least it’s sugar, which contributes to disease, pain, inflammation, sickness, hampered immunity and so much more. When dairy and sugar are digested together it is even more difficult for the body to digest.

Skip the eggnog, have some herbal tea or water… you’ll feel better and your stomach and body will thank you!