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We live in a world that is very disconnected from the natural world. So much so in fact that we now at times see or hear natural living practices and think they’re odd. What’s odd is living in a fabricated world made up by man that is full of plastic and chemicals. At the beginning and end of the day my personal goal is to live a healthier life and reconnect with nature to improve my health, happiness and overall sense of well-being.

Food, water and sleep are some of the most essential components of life. You need all three on a daily basis to live a healthy, energetic, vibrant life. We could go on and on about food and sleep and how as a society we’ve gotten off course. The growing list of conditions and diseases, low energy and depression can be linked to diet and unhealthy sleeping patterns.

The quality of our life is determined by the quality of our choices and water is something we absolutely need for survival. Choosing to drink pure, quality water is very important.

When you’re born your body is around 75% water. When you die your body is around 50% water. You need water for blood health, brain health, cardiovascular health and the health of every part of your being. Over time we become dehydrated by replacing water with fruit juices, soda and even just drinking a lower quality water.

What Type Of Water Should You Drink?

Nature’s most pristine water source for mankind comes from the most natural source. Spring water is the #1 source of water for health and well-being. It’s mineral rich, full of oxygen that is bubbling full of life. Spring water has so much energy that it is constantly rising and pushing itself up from aquifers below the earths surface above ground. Spring water would be my first choice. Not everyone has easy access to spring water though. To find a spring near your home you can search You can select your country, state and zoom in to see springs near you.

If you do not have a spring near you a 2nd best option is to drink ionized or purified water and there are plenty of water purification systems on the market. So do your own research and find one that works best for you.

Tap water is the absolute last option. I’d rather drink distilled water, reverse osmosis water or any type of filtered water before tap water. Tap water has been shown to contain traces of pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metals, antibiotics, chlorine (which is corrosive to the human body) and other health harming things. Tap water is water that has been compromised. It is not quality water. It is reused, chlorinated water that travels through metal pipes. Tap water is hard water. Your body needs, wants and craves soft, healing water.

Please Note: Bottled water is nothing more than halfway filtered water. You’re spending a LOT more money to buy bottled water when you could just get a good quality water filter (found here) and a good quality water bottle (found here).

Once you’ve chosen a good quality water to drink that’s a great first step. From there what you drink that water out of does determine it’s quality also. Drinking out of plastic bottles has it’s downsides. Plastic contains BPA (bisphenol A) which is a known toxic chemical to the human body. One of the major downsides of drinking from plastic bottles or cups is that BPA mimics estrogen (a hormone) in the human body. Over time, this will cause hormonal imbalances.

Glass is really the best way to drink water. If you filter or purify water in any way storing it in glass works best to preserve it’s integrity and not add anything harmful unknowingly.

Drinking Water Out Of A Copper Cup

Copper is a tremendously valuable mineral that we recognize by seeing it. The color copper, the metal. This mineral benefits our body and health in many ways.

All metals carry a charge. Magnets are the most obvious way for us to recognize this charge. We put two magnets together and it creates an attractive charge. We can take those same magnets together and flip them backwards and the magnets will repel each other. Physically, we know that metals carry a charge and in the right environment these charges move things.

Copper contains it’s own charge that is good for our physical health. Copper is antibacterial which as a bottle to host water simply makes sense. Here’s one study showing that copper containing water kills bacteria. Putting water in an antibacterial environment is suiting. Copper is also electrically conductive. Water is life and water is electrically conductive as well. To have water that is conductive is healthier than to have water in an environment where it is less conductive such as a plastic cup.

The environment of water in a copper cup alone is suitable to health. Let alone the direct benefits that copper itself benefits.

Leaving drinking water in a copper container of any kind (cup, water bottle, pitcher etc.) helps your body receive it’s daily copper need when drank.

Copper is directly related to the decline in bone health. People who suffer from osteoporosis have a copper deficiency. More copper means stronger bones. People who are deficient in copper also suffer cognitively. Too little or too much copper effect cognitive decline. Copper effects immune function as well. Too little copper leads to the body losing it’s ability to produce white blood cells which help to fight off infections and disease.

The benefits of drinking waater stored in a copper cup, water bottle or jug is good in many ways for our health and well being. It stimulates the brain, promotes the strength of bones, aids in digestive health, acts as anti-carcinogenic, regulates functioning of thyroid gland, helps to prevent joint pain, aids in hemoglobin synthesis, maintains acid-alkaline balance in body, and also helps in healing of internal wounds and slows down aging due to its antioxidant properties. Copper water is recommended in Ayurveda for other reasons such as anti-inflammatory properties and improving digestion.

How Can Drinking Copper Water Be Done?

When water is stored in a copper vessel for approximately 16 hours, the copper, in very small quantities gets dissolved into the drinking water. This process is known as the oligodynamic effect and has the power to destroy a wide range of things that may be harmful in the water such as molds, fungi, and harmful bacteria because of the toxic effect it has on living cells. The copper content of water which reaches levels of about 190 µg/l is well within the permissible limits set by the World Health Organization and thus remains safe for drinking.

After sitting in the copper container for 16 hours, the water pH will change from 7.83 to 7.93  which becomes slightly more alkaline.

It’s quite astonishing. Drinking water out of a glass is better for your health but if you drink water out of a copper cup or jug you can enhance the health benefits of that water even further. Make sure to clean your copper container to ensure that any build up of residue doesn’t get in your water, treat it like any other cup or water bottle.

You can get a variety of copper jugs, containers, cups and water bottles on amazon by clicking here.

Important note to consider: If you suffer from copper toxicity this is obviously not recommended as you already have too much copper in your body. Blood tests or urine tests will show if you have copper toxicity.