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This blog post might get a little funky, talking about ‘morning wood’ and all… but it’s very important in health and vitality so take the message to heart, both literally and figuratively… Because your heart is directly linked to your prostate.

So far this year I have eaten very healthy and have really taken care of myself, the first month of the year has already passed and i’ve noticed a few changes. One of these changes has been very good and surprised me.

Can you guess what that change is? I get morning wood more often, seems to be a daily occurrence now. Before I didn’t realize it but I wasn’t getting an erection each morning, only on some mornings. I noticed this change and googled it to research further to read some very interesting things online. I found out that morning wood is associated with prostate health and the healthier your prostate the more likely you will be to get an erection each morning. I also found out that a morning erection is important for overall prostate health.

Now, your lady may not like or even want you to wake up with morning wood EVERY morning, but I can assure you that it’s healthier and that if she doesn’t believe you then you should just send her to read this article.

Are you not waking up with wood each morning? or is your man not waking up with wood each morning? Then your/their prostate health can and should be improved because this is a very important aspect of sexual health and vitality as well as heart health because the heart and prostate are very closely linked.

Did you know that the average male with erectile dysfunction has on average of only 5 years until their first cardiac event? The prostate is a very important organ and it is very closely linked with the heart which is obviously one of the most important organs for health and living a life full of vitality.

Erectile dysfunction could be defined as ‘not getting it up’ but here at Healthy Wild And Free we aren’t looking to be mediocre or average in our health, we are looking to be as best as we can be. With that being said I now have changed my definition of ‘erectile dysfunction’ to ‘not waking up with wood each morning’ because if that happens each morning you shouldn’t have any problem getting it up.

After reading and researching I got the ‘peak erectile strength diet‘ book on kindle, written by Lee Myer.  I found his website after searching and discovered that something called ‘Nitric Oxide’ was vitally important for circulation to the body and specifically then penis. I realized that the amount of nitric oxide in my body was increasing because was waking up with morning wood more often.  I read the book and found it very interesting, within the book Lee talks about and shares specific foods that help to improve the body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide.

In the book he talks about and lists foods that help the body to produce nitric oxide, a few of those foods that stood out to me were Pomegranate and cacao.  Funny, cacao (the raw form of chocolate from nature) improves circulation and erectile strength, yet women never seem to give men chocolate! Something’s gotta change ladies.

peak erectile strength diet


Pomegranate or pomegranate juice also does the same.  There were other foods listed in the book as well such as fruits and vegetables, specifically green leafy vegetables also help the body to produce more nitric oxide.  Nitric oxide is great for strong erections and a healthy sex life but is also great for the heart and the body’s ability to circulate and build muscle.  The one line that really stuck out to me in the book was that ‘if it’s good for the heart it’s good for the prostate’ so make sure to understand heart and prostate health because they are both very important and directly linked.

If you eat healthy, eat plenty of leafy greens, include cacao and pomegranate in your diet then you shouldn’t have to “Ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex” because you will know that it is 😉

Another important way to increase nitric oxide is exercise, even something as simple as walking 30 minutes a day can drastically help to increase nitric oxide levels which is both very healthy for your heart and regular erections.

There were a few things in the book that I didn’t fully agree with, like the use of canola oil and soy because most of them are now GMO and won’t benefit you much if at all and could potentially just cause more harm.

Overall though the book was a great read if you want to understand further how to have a healthier sex life and to keep your sex life active as well as your heart healthy.  This book will help you understand how to use nature’s ingredients to create your own ‘viagra’ without the dangerous side effects.

Hopefully you eat more leafy green vegetables full, cacao and pomegranate.  These things also help to increase testosterone which helps with energy, muscle building and erectile strength as well.

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David Benjamin

P.S. I have also been taking detoxing herbs and herbs such as maca from so i’m sure things like the maca & detoxing helped improve my results as well. You can also get your copy of the ‘peak erectile strength diet‘ here.