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If you were walking down the street and someone stopped you on the street and asked you this question… “How does nutrition enter your body?” your answer would probably be through food right? That’s a correct answer! But it’s not the only answer. After answering with food would you find it challenging to come up with any other ways that nutrients enter your body? most people would. That’s why this is valuable! nutrition and dietary habits are very important but there are many other ways to get nutrients into your body that aren’t discussed nearly as frequently and can be beneficial to your health and well-being.

You can benefit from these methods simply by engaging in them and making positive nutritional changes in your life.

1. Smell:

What you smell enters your lungs and bloodstream very quickly. If you use therapeutic grade essential oils you are smelling and receiving either toxic carcinogens (such as second-hand smoke) or nutrients and beneficial plant compounds such as the compounds in essential oils. Most of what we smell on a daily basis is out of our control. It’s in the environment (which is becoming more polluted), or at the office. At home though, you have full control over what you smell. You can open the windows for fresh air, you can put houseplants that purify the air in your home and you can get an aromatherapy diffuser to diffuse essential oils that help to relax and calm your body. You’ll slowly ingest these therapeutic essential oils over time just by breathing the air in your home. Actually as i’m writing this i’m diffusing lemongrass essential oil, which I highly recommend from a quality and potency perspective, they smell incredible! and I diffuse it in an Eiiox diffuser.

2. Topically:

What you put on your skin enters your bloodstream and body. If you put chemicals on your skin that enters your body. If you put organic plant based creams and lotions, coconut oil, aloe vera and other beneficial plants on your skin those will give your skin vibrancy but also feed your circulation as well. Specifically the genital region and armpits absorb higher levels of what is applied topically than any other area of the body. If you apply plant based essential oils, lotions and natural skincare you not only benefit from those externally in how you look but you benefit internally as well. What is applied topically to your skin, scalp and entire body is either beneficial nutritionally or it’s full of chemicals that harm your body.

3. Food:

What you eat is the main way that you consume nutrients and this way really gives you the most power over how much nutrition you have. This is why choosing what you eat wisely really is the most important because this is something that you do daily.

4. Drink:

You need water to survive on a daily basis and that in and of itself provides hydrogen and oxygen, valuable and necessary nutrients. You can drink vegetable juices, fruit and vegetable smoothies and add herbs or spices to your water to add more nutritional value. I personally add cloves to a glass jar of water and let them sit for 1, 2 or 3 days and drink that water. It’s rich in high orac antioxidants and many minerals and it’s all easily digested because it’s in liquid form. This is definitely an underutilized way to get more nutrition into your daily life that can be explored further!

4. Intravenously:

You can get an IV with mostly any nutrient. IV’s with minerals such as magnesium are common as people can become very deficient. This is one of the fastest ways to get nutrients into your body because they are going directly into your bloodstream and bypassing your digestive system like the nutrients would if you were to eating them. This is nice because not all nutrients in your food are absorbed.

5. Enema:

This may put you off, but your anus is another way to get nutrients into your body. These are referred to as ‘nutrient enema’s which are enema’s filled with specific nutrients to benefit your digestive system. You can do a regular enema to clean your Colon out but add specific liquid plant extracts to the enema to give your body nutrients. This along with intravenously may not be the best options for you but it’s good to know in case you ever really need support nutritionally.

This information is valuable to know for a few reasons, mainly because everything that you eat isn’t fully absorbed so understanding that there are different ways for nutrients to enter your body and utilizing them is beneficial to get more nutrients into your body through different means.

Secondly, sometimes eating (or drinking) healthier can be a challenge so if you can make changes in your skincare and beauty routine, the quality of oxygen in your home and maybe even take advantage of more extreme changes such as an IV or nutritional enema you can at least start to feel better and that can roll over into healthier dietary habits.

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