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3 Chipotle Hacks To Multiply The Food You Get By 110% For The Same Price


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And if you life Chipotle as much as I do, then you’re going to absolutely LOVE me for what i’m about to share with you! I wish I learned about this two-step method while ordering chipotle sooner!┬áChipotle is pretty much the only fast food place that I’ll eat out, until there are more organic and free range options available, but until then Chipotle is just one of those places I love. The beans, rice, veggies, organic meat, hot sauce, it reminds me of living in Costa Rica and being somewhere warmer and more tropical than the cold michigan climate!

Okay, so this two-step Chipotle Multiplier Hacks (CMH for short) and if you follow the process you will literally get 70-130% more food every single time you order at Chipotle.┬áJust a side note here, I get at least 100% more than other people I order with whenever I go to chipotle. I’ve had multiple people say after we sit down to eat “How did you get so much more food than me?” and I just smile and tell them. I’ve used this method at Chipotle’s in California, Missouri, Georgia and Michigan and it workse everywhere. You’re about to find out that 3-step secretive method for yourself.

How? Well first, watch this one minute video, this is the first step to give you approximately 70% more food each time you order:

Chipotle Multiplier Hack #1: Get The Bowl Over The Burrito (70% More Food)

This is step 1, it’s easy and self-explanatory right? 70% more food simply by ordering the bowl over the burrito. The second step is a little more unconventional and takes a few special requests, but it works very well.

Chipotle Multiplier Hack #2: Get Salad On The Bottom (20% More Food)

The second step is simple, when you say you want a bowl have them put the salad greens on the bottom. Generally they fill the bowl with rice and beans on the bottom and the greens on top, but the greens get weighed down by the beans and rice because they are heavier, so by doing this you are actually creating more space in your bowl for more food.

Why is this important?

Well, first, if there is more space in your bowl because the greens are on bottom the chipotle employee will subconsciously put more beans, rice, salsa, corn (or whatever you want) in the bowl. So by default, you get more food just by putting the greens on bottom.

Secondly, by creating more room in your bowl, this leads to the third chipotle multiplier hack.

Chipotle Hack #3: The Ask and You shall receive Hack (Get 60-80% More Food!)

This hack is to simply ask. When they ask, do you want beans, what kind, rice, what kind? Say yes to whatever you want and then once they’re done putting the food in, say “can you put a little more in?” they never say no, they always say yes, sure.

This takes the bowl from 2 scoops to 3 or 4 scoops, literally increasing how much food you get by 50-100% meaning, the bowl, with the greens on bottom method, and asking for more can literally make your bowl be up to 170% more, weighing 170% more than your ordering neighbor.

Think i’m kidding? try it out for yourself. Your chipotle bowl will be overflowing by the end of the line and you’ll barely be able to eat it without food falling out, every time I order chipotle now I never eat the whole bowl there because it’s too much food, and I typically eat just that one meal for the day because I know it’s going to be a big meal.

So, you can pay $7.50 for a bowl worth $14 or $15 of food, simply by following these 3 Chipotle Multiplier Hacks, How you can get 70-110% more food for the same price every time you visit Chipotle. Try it out, and let me know your results on the Healthy Wild And Free facebook page, I guarantee you’ll be hooked and won’t want to eat out anywhere else after you see how much food you get using these 3 hacks to get much more food.

Smash that chipotle! Enjoy the organic goodness!

Your partner in living Healthy Wild And Free…

– David Benjamin

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