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Manoj Bhargava is the billionaire creator of the energy drink brand 5-hour energy. He’s not just a billionaire though, he’s a philanthropist with a global vision to make massive change. He’s already pledged to give away 90% of his wealth to charity but it seems as if more recently he’s planning now to give away 99% to charity, basically… everything! He is working to use his wealth right now (as I type this) to make change in the areas of sustainable energy, clean water, healthcare and more.

He’s recently created an invention lab of sorts here in Michigan (not too far from me actually) and it’s already produced some incredible results that could change the world in a massive way. He’s stepped up to the plate as a person who happens to be a billionaire that realizes he doesn’t need all the money in the world. His vision and goals are to create simple solutions for everyday massive scale problems such as clean water, energy and healthcare. He’s dedicated to making a change and i’m right there with him!

Take a look at the trailer for the “Billions For Change” Documentary here:

This Billionaire is Using 99% Of His Wealth To Make GLOBAL Massive Change.More: Billions in Change

Posted by Healthy Wild And Free onĀ Thursday, October 8, 2015

If you enjoyed the trailer watch the full film here:

Be sure to head over to and keep up to date with the progress as well as follow the Billions For Change facebook page here.

Thanks Manoj, for doing what you do!