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This morning for breakfast I had a smoothie, and as I was chewing on my smoothie for breakfast I realized that I should write about and share why you should chew your smoothies and juices even though they really don’t need chewing to swallow.   When we eat real food, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts etc. we chew that food because we have to break it down into smaller sizes in order to swallow the food.  That’s just the reason we think of when we are chewing.  We are chewing to make it small enough to swallow! but there is more to it than that.

When we are chewing food we are covering that food with Saliva which contains an enzyme called Ptyalin which is an enzyme that helps to break the food down for the digestive process.  If we skip chewing our food because we are consuming it in the form of either smoothies or juices then we are also giving it to our digestive system without a necessary enzyme to help it digest.   This enzyme helps to digest carbohydrates and it begins that process in the mouth.

Not only this, but when you are chewing your food whether it be solid food or liquid food you are burning calories that help to give your body energy and to keep your body active and moving.


Chewing burns approximately 11 calories an hour which isn’t much but if you eat for approximately an hour a day between a few meals and snacking each day then you will burn 11 calories a day as opposed to none.

When you are chewing your food your body is figuring out how many enzymes it will need to digest the food as well as what composition of enzymes it will need to digest the food you are chewing.  By chewing the food you are also matching the temperature of the food to match the temperature of your body so that the food assimilates and is available to your body on a nutritional level.  It’s like getting it on track in order for your body to use it.  Not only this but when you chew the body digests the carbohydrates (sugars) into the bloodstream before absorption to use for energy.

If you were to just swallow you would not receive all of these benefits.  Your digestive system works better to digest the food, you burn calories, receive more energy and create an environment for the food to be digested and used more for it’s nutritional value.  Juicing and smoothies can be healthy but if you are just gulping them down like a smoothie from seven eleven then you may not be getting as much nutritional value as you think! Time to start chewing and get the value from your food that you deserve.

Have an amazing day, Pura Vida!

David Benjamin

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