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Have you ever heard that optimists are healthier than pessimists? I’ve heard this before too but decided to investigate it myself and report my findings.

I recorded a video sharing what I found here…

This is pretty interesting huh? If you think about it optimists do seem to be healthier, more open, more loving and joyous people overall. The happier you are, the more you laugh and the more positive you are the more often endorphins and serotonin levels will be high. If you are negative and stressed this can lead to cortisol levels spiking and this can also lead too heart health problems, slowing of the metabolism as well as hampering the immune system.

Also, the hormonal system is enhanced by optimism. Your levels of serotonin and endorphins will be higher and your cortisol levels will be balanced. If you are negative your cortisol levels will spike more often which negatively effects your immune system, metabolism and heart health.

I would rather live a happier, positive and more joyous life. The more optimistic you are the more enjoyable your life is and the happier you are overall.

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Thanks for watching!

~ Pura Vida ~ (means ‘pure life’)

– David Benjamin

P.S. Do your best to smile, laugh and embrace as much joy in your day to day life as you can… That will help you become more of an optimistic person.