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Every spring comes a new season and the body is changing during this time.  During this time there are more allergens in the air as more pollens from new plants emerge into the atmosphere around you.  During this time because the air carries more allergens and pollens our bodies need to adjust to this and our immune systems need to be able to handle these foreign invaders.

If allergies affected all of us then there would be no need for this article but some of us are affected by these allergens and pollens each year… but why? why are some of us affected by these allergens each year while others are not.  There could be a variety of reasons for this.  One of them being that the immune system of those not affected can handle these allergens better because of a stronger immunity.  Another reason could be that the liver is healthier and can remove and detoxify these allergens faster at a rate which the body will not feel the effects of.

Some people struggle with allergies each and every single year, or even on a weekly or monthly basis. If allergies are affecting you and your life then this article will walk you through several practices that you can incorporate into your life.   These will boost your immune system to be more robust and more effective as well as healing and supporting the Liver to deal with these allergens so they don’t affect you.

The first thing that you can do to break up allergies and to decongest is to eat hotter foods.  Add some spices to your diet! Spices like Cayenne, hot chili peppers, horseradish as well as other hot and spicy foods and spices help to relive symptoms of allergies by acting as natural decongestants. This is a simple thing to do! just include them in your diet and make sure to spice it up a bit each time you feel congestion from allergies.

The second recommendation to avoid allergies and their affects is to avoid food that could contain bad bacteria. Foods such as dairy can cause more congestion and mucus which can lead to bigger reactions to allergens and pollen in the air.  Avoid foods that contain sugar, dairy and white bread.  These foods can and will weaken the immune system and cause more mucus which leads to your body being more reactive to allergens.  On the flip side of this coin I recommend eating plenty of cultured vegetables rich in probiotics in your diet. Examples of this are Sauerkraut, kimchi or any other fermented vegetable or fruit that carries a beneficial bacteria (probiotic) in them.

flowers in nature

Another beneficial practice to incorporate in your life is to do a regular Liver Flush at least once or twice a year around spring-time or around the time that allergies are affecting you.  A Liver flush is very beneficial to basically clean out the Liver which is your bodies detoxification organ.  If the Liver is clean it will be able to better handle the allergens and pollutants inhaled each day.  The liver when healthy will be able to handle much more without the rest of your body feeling the impact from your Liver.

Another thing you can do to to properly remove allergens from your body that could be affecting you long-term is to simply take envirozon from the amazon herb product line.  Envirozon is an environmental toxin protector that cleanses the Liver and bloodstream and helps your body to remove pollutants, allergens and toxins that your body is reacting too.  I love this herbal blend and have used it many times in the past to move things out of my body that have been stuck or stagnant for a while.  One time I had a light headache which I NEVER get (don’t remember the last time I had a headache before this) so I took some envirozon not knowing what it was exactly and the next morning I felt fine.  Sometimes pollutants, toxins and allergens can get ahold of you and if you don’t know how to properly deal with them quickly they can affect your health and energy levels long-term.

Hopefully you start including probiotic foods, hot and spicy foods and envirozon into your routine today to avoid allergens and stay healthier!

To a healthier life full of vitality! Pura Vida 🙂

– David Benjamin