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Just the thought of lying down in a warm bathtub with soft music and dim lighting makes me want to race home, plug the drain, and turn on the faucet. There are many ways to relax, especially when you’re on vacation, but it can be easy to forget or make time for a necessary date with your bathtub.

So go ahead, write it in your planner or put a sticky note on your fridge! The next time you are able to take a hot bath I assure you that you will be putting it on your calendar for the next night too.

Instead of taking a bath with just warm water, here are 11 ingredients to consider adding. They are easy to find around your home and will help detoxify your skin leaving it radiant long after you’re out of the tub! Some of these things will help ground you, relax your nervous system, calm your mind or help breathing and clear your sinuses. Use them each and get a chance to benefit from all of them!

  1. Honey

Giving you yet another reason to thank the bees! Honey is a wonderful tool if you’re looking to slow down aging. It’s full of antioxidants that will moisturize your pores and leave a healthy glow. Honey is also a natural antibacterial which is great for anyone looking to treat and prevent acne. Make sure to get pure, raw, unpasteurized honey for best results both internally and externally on the skin or in the bath.

  1. Coconut Oil or Olive Oil

And they have done it again! Not only are Coconut and Olive oil a wonderful thing to take internally, but they have many external benefits as well. By adding one (or both) of these oils to your next bath, you can feel peace knowing that coconut oil has anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties while olive oil has a strong immunity to viral and bacterial infections.

  1. Baking Soda

If you are a late night worker-outer then this is just the addition for you! Not only does baking soda help calm and sooth your skin, but it also helps to remove toxins from within and ensure that you are becoming healthy from the inside out.

  1. Tea

Just like baking soda, tea would be the perfect addition to your next relaxing bath after physical activity. Green tea, which is complete with antioxidants, helps to tone your body while chamomile tea helps relax you from your head to your toes. You can also use old tea bags in the bath to get the most out of them so keep that in mind!

  1. Milk

One of the most popular additions to time in the bath is milk. The lactic acid exfoliates and softens skin which removes dead skin cells and leaves behind new, younger skin. In addition, the vitamins and minerals within the milk are extremely helpful to maintain your skin’s elasticity. Use organic milk and it’s better in a bath than for drinking. This article explains 6 reasons why why you should avoid drinking dairy milk.

  1. Ginger

If you’re feeling under the weather, this is just the ingredient for you. Headaches, congestion, cold or flu symptoms can definitely put a damper on plans. Make time for a bath with ginger (fresh grated, ground, or essential oil form). Ginger aids at pulling out toxins through your sweat, and helps you feel cleansed afterward.

  1. Essential Oils

The many uses for essential oils are never ending! Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, Lemon, or Tea Tree all have different benefits that aid in increasing your overall health and wellness. You can get certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from doterra (and support our work and mission) by clicking here.

  1. Oatmeal

Say goodbye to dry itchy skin! Oatmeal helps sooth the skin and relieve irritation. If your sun burnt or have poison ivy, it has been said that an oatmeal bath is a great way to treat it. An added plus is that it smells great, might remind you of grandma’s baked oatmeal!

  1. Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts contain magnesium and sulfate, both of which have amazing benefits for the body. Magnesium helps improve muscle and nerve function, reduce inflammation, and improve blood flow throughout the body. Sulfate helps build healthy joints, skin and nervous tissue. If those aren’t enough reasons to put Epsom salts in your bath, I don’t know what will be!

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

From helping with arthritis pain to ensuring your skin retains a healthy PH level; Apple cider vinegar can also help with skin infections caused by bacteria such as yeast infections, athletes foot, and eczema.

No matter if you have a headache or sunburn, feel congested, need to detox, or just want to feel relaxed, there are plenty of ingredients around your home that will assist you in your effort to becoming a healthier, happier person. So cheers, here’s to you! You can get ACV on amazon here.

  11. Clay! 

You can use clay in the bath to detoxify the skin, exfoliate and create a beautiful skin shine. Different clay’s have different mineral and vitamin composition so based on that you’ll receive different benefits. I personally love to use diatomaceous earth clay (which you can get by following here, it will last you a year or more! seriously) because of it’s high silica content which is a mineral that’s great for the hair skin and nails. It’s also a GREAT exfoliant for the skin and very cheap on amazon. You can also use aztec clay as well.