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Every once in a while I read a life shifting, perspective changing book that I recommend everyone I know read. A Life worth breathing, by Max Strom is one of those books. A life worth breathing is a yoga masters handbook of strength, grace, and healing… but it’s much more than that.

In the book, Max talks about how our breath and our emotions affect everything in our lives and what we can do to change that. How do you improve your breath? How do you not suppress emotions like most people are? How do you heal from emotional pain or trauma in the past?

All of these questions and much more are answered in the podcast interview with Max Strom. Tune in below:

I am a big reader and recommend a lot of books, but this book is a must read for anyone who desires to grow in their life spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Ounce for ounce it’s one of the most valuable books i’ve ever read.


In one chapter he talks about different yoga teachers and how the best yoga teachers operate… Do you teach yoga? then this book is a must read! If you practice yoga it’s important to understand how the teacher operates so that you can find the best suited teacher for you to get the best experience from Yoga.

In another chapter he talks about your breath, and how you can use this to find emotional balance, energize or relax yourself.  He discusses ethics in another chapter, and how ethics brings us together regardless of race or religion.

Near the end of the book he talks about the first successful peaceful revolution in the history of humanity, this was fascinating to read about.

The emphasis of the book discusses yoga, breath work and emotional/spiritual fulfillment. Personally what I loved is that his philosophy on life is to grow and be the change you want to see in the world, and to understand how to use your money to vote and heal the world as opposed to harm it.  I also loved his story in the beginning of his book about how he realized what sports, the ego and domination truly were and how later in life Yoga became a form of spiritual growth and evolution that fed his spirit as opposed to his ego.  You’ll enjoy this and so much more when you read his book!

Ali MacGraw say’s: “I love the energy and flow of Max Strom’s yoga classes… but perhaps above all, I respect his quite strength and deep humility.”

You can see his TED Talk on happiness here:

He travels to speak frequently and his schedule can be found at, if he visits your city be sure to not miss it!

To pickup a copy of Max’s book, A Life Worth Breathing, Click here to grab your copy.

I hope that you enjoyed the interview and get a copy of the book! it’s definitely worth it.

– David Benjamin

P.S. Be sure to lookout for Max’s new book “There is No App For Happiness” which you can pre-order and will be released in August.